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What is Retreatment? How Is It Applied?

What Does It Mean to Repetition of Root Canal Treatment?

The reconstruction of root canal treatments that were previously performed but failed for various reasons is called Retreatment. One of the most important reasons for the failure of root canal treatment is incompletely filled canals without effective enlargement and cleaning.

At the same time, the causes of the root canal treatment failure are ; the failure of the root canal treatment and leakage, damage to the teeth by the posts placed on the canal to support the tooth, the inability to find and treat the canals of the teeth, the puncture of the tooth from a wrong place and the tool breakage in the canal. If root canal treatment is unsuccessful, a second root canal treatment should be done.


How is Root Canal Renewal Application Applied?

It is examined whether the treatment is unsuccessful, together with the severe pain in the area where root canal treatment is applied and the patient's complaints. All restorative materials applied in previous treatment are removed before retreatment is performed. Since infection is generally seen in unsuccessful root canal treatments, it is difficult to eliminate.

During retreatment, the old root canal filling is completely removed, the canal is cleaned, shaped and refilled. There are various techniques used in removing old root canal filling. If the tooth is filled with gutta-petcha, which is the current root canal filling material, this material is tried to be removed first. This operation is done quickly by using rotary systems. As usual, the inside of the root is washed with disinfectant substances and the bacteria are removed. When the root canal is healed, it is filled and closed again.

If a tooth has had a root canal treatment that failed, repetition root canal treatment will be both difficult and with a low success rate. Therefore, the second root canal treatment should be performed by specialist dentist in this retreatment field.

Causes of New Infection in Root Canal Treated Teeth

Root canal treatment is repeated in case of infection in the tooth. Among the reasons for having root canal treatment for the second time can be; new caries in the tooth, falling or breaking of the permanent dental filling or crown dental veneer, bacteria transmission of fillings and porcelains, cracks and fractures in the tooth.

Root canal treatment repetition will be difficult in some cases. If there is a post application on the tooth and the presence of a newly made crown, endodontic surgery is applied instead of repetition of the root canal treatment. Therefore, it should not be thought that each failed root canal treatment will be renewed. If it is done under appropriate conditions, the possibility of retreatment success is over 80-90%. You can get more reliable information by asking your dentist about how to do retreatment and is the second time root canal treatment risky.


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