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Laser-Assisted Root Canal Treatment

Laser Technology For Root Canal Treatment!

Laser-assisted dental treatment is the technique of using laser technology in dentistry. Laser is non-ionized light and does not accumulate in tissue. For this reason, it does not have any damaging properties like x-rays. The reason why laser applications are used in dental treatments is that it is possible to work with lasers without touching the teeth and gingiva.

With these advantages, laser-assisted root canal treatment has become one of the most preferred applications by dentists in recent years. Laser treatment, which was initially used only in teeth whitening and soft tissue operations, has also been used as a supportive and main method in root canal treatments. The implant offers the convenience of application to the dentists as it is used in the cleaning of caries and dental filling treatments.

Use of Laser in Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is applied in case of caries of the teeth and damage to the roots of the teeth. Root canal treatment, which is one of the most feared applications in dentistry, has become a painless and very easy application with laser. Thanks to laser-assisted root canal treatment, a comfortable treatment is performed without pressure on the teeth.

Soft and hard tissued treatments are performed while laser-assisted root canal treatment is applied. Soft tissue lasers are used for all kinds of soft tissue cutting or coagulation, intra-canal or pocket disinfection. Hard tissue lasers are used effectively for dentin corrosion and bone operations. It is suitable for all kinds of cavity preparation, crown lengthening, canal expansion, apicoectomy, bone graft operations.

Local anesthesia is applied while performing laser-assisted root canal treatment. The caried and damaged tissues of the anesthetized tooth are cleaned. Soft tissue residues are removed by reaching the nerves in the tooth root. The canal and surrounding tissues in the root of the tooth are purified from microorganisms. During laser-assisted root canal treatment, the root canal is filled with special agents and closed. Healing process is faster than standard treatments.

Is Laser Usefull in Sensitive Teeth?

While applying root canal treatment with laser, attention should be paid to tooth sensitivity that occurs due to gingival recession. It will be more advantageous to primarily treat gingival recessions. In addition, the sensitivity can be eliminated by closing the tooth canals with laser beam. If the desired effect cannot be achieved, the treatment can be repeated.

As long as the restoration of the gingiva with laser before root canal treatment is applied in a controlled manner, it does not cause any problem. The healthier the gingiva are, the more successful the root canal treatments will be. You can contact your dentist to get information about laser-assisted root canal treatment applications and laser-assisted root canal treatment fees, so you can create your treatment plan faster.


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