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Dil Seçimi

Intra-Canal Post Application

Latest Technology Applications for Stronger Teeth

Intra-canal post application is a method that supports both the root and the upper part of the tooth by means of a thin stick placed in the root after the root canal treatment and increases the durability of the tooth. Intra-canal post application is applied to teeth with excessive material loss before filling or dental veneer. It is also used before full ceramic porcelains such as zirconium are applied to strengthen teeth with high loss of material.

Along with the methods of root canal treatment developed in recent years, the effectiveness of the treatment is also increased thanks to these applications, which we call "post-core", placed inside the root after root canal treatment in teeth with excessive material loss. The aesthetic and functional appearance of the teeth is restored.


Post Treatment After Root Canal Treatment

In the canal, the post is made to ensure the retention and strength of the restoration in teeth with excessive damage to the crown part. After root canal treatment, the post can be finished within 15-20 minutes, and "post-cores" with high aesthetic feature and resistance can be applied.

The posts prepared during the intra-canal post application and placed in the root canal are adhered with self-hardenable dual cure, then a direct beam filling is applied on it, or the appropriate infrastructure is prepared for the dental veneer (crown) by making a radial filling restoration. When it is applied with the right equipment in expert hands, it gives successful results.

In previous years, it was necessary to measure and test for the second time for these supporting posts prepared in the laboratory using metal alloys. With the developing technology, this situation has disappeared as we mentioned. Therefore, post application can be completed after root canal treatment in a short time. Since post application is applied to teeth with root canal treatment, there is no need for anesthesia and no pain is felt after treatment.

In Which Cases Is Intra-Canal Post Not Applied?

The process of reinforcing the teeth of fibre sticks called intra-canal post application; If there is a fracture, inflammation and cysts in the root of the tooth, if the root of the tooth is short, curved and extremely thin, there is congestion in the roots and the root canal treatment cannot be applied, there is a problem in the bone tissue supporting the tooth and bone destruction is not applied.

Intra-canal post application will be applied within the initiative of your dentist. Post application is applied in order to strengthen your teeth after root canal treatment. It is therefore a useful application. You can contact your dentist to find out who cannot be posted or what situations require it to be applied.


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