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Dil Seçimi

Dil Seçimi

Fibre Post

Definitive Solution to Tooth Loss!

Fibre post application, also known as post core, is a supportive treatment method for those with excessive loss of material in their teeth. It is a method that supports both the root and the upper part of the tooth and increases the durability of the tooth thanks to the structures placed inside the root after root canal treatment.

In which situations is fibre post applied?

Post-core can be produced from metal alloys in the laboratory as well as using ready-made root screws and composite filling materials. Thanks to fibre post application, material losses are prevented along with the strengthening of the tooth root.

Fibre post is applied for cases of irreversible damage to the teeth, teeth with periodontal problems that are not adequately supported by the jawbone and gingiva, caries that cannot be repaired with dental filling or teeth with material loss.


How to Apply Fibre Post?

If we ask how to apply fibre post, we can say that it is applied with support from the root canal. In the post-core application that reinforces the teeth with the placement of fibre sticks into the root canal, root canal treatment should be performed first. After the root canal treatment is completed, the canal and dental pulp are shaped by the dentist. The tooth is measured and sent to the laboratory for metal post and core production. The post-core is attached to the root and the remaining tooth tissue is shaped before the crown is placed on it.

Advantages of Fibre post treatment

Fibre post application provides both resistance and long life to the teeth. Apart from these, post core advantages:

  • It strengthens the root canal in teeth with excessive material loss.
  • Fibre sticks increase the resistance of the tooth from both the root and the crown.
  • Fibre post stops infections in teeth.
  • Post core application prevents tooth loss.
  • It provides treatment of deep caries and cracks.
  • It regains vitality to the tooth.
  • It prevents the infection from reaching the tissues at the root apex.

Fibre post application, which increases the quality of life of the person and eliminates appearance concerns, provides faster access to healthy teeth.

Is Fibre Post a Painful Application?

Since fibre-post treatment is applied to teeth with root canal treatment, there is no need for anesthesia. No pain is felt in fibre post dental applications. It is normal to see mild swelling and pain after treatment.

If excessive pain and swelling problems continue after the application, you should definitely contact your dentist.

Is fibre post an expensive application?

Fibre post fees may vary depending on the size of the deformation in the tooth and bone structure of the patient, the number of teeth to be post core, and the material to be used. Post core fees will be indicated by your dentist during the examination. For healthy teeth, do not postpone to have your treatment under the control of a specialist.


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