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Placeholder Treatment In Pediatric Dentistry

Milk teeth in children are falling or lost due to reasons such as caries, infection, dental trauma, tooth root loss, genetic problems, feeding with insufficient breast milk, finger-lip sucking, wrong bottle and pacifier use. Tooth losses other than natural conditions are described as early tooth loss and placeholders are replaced. Thanks to these placeholders, crowding of teeth is prevented and the next teeth are grown in a healthy way.

Should a placeholder be used for each missing milk tooth?

In children, placeholders are often used for missing milk teeth. However, after the examination, it is determined for which teeth a placeholder is required. Fixed or removable placeholders may be recommended depending on the age of the child, the number of teeth lost, and the development of teeth and bones.


How to Apply Placeholders?

The placeholder appliances applied to replace the early lost milk teeth are important in order to ensure the future tooth alignment. Placeholder applications in children are in the form of positioning the placeholder in the empty tooth area. Thus, other teeth are prevented from slipping into this area.

Fixed or removable appliances?

Placeholder appliances are specially made by dental technicians according to the child's mouth structure and dental health. The placement process is started by choosing among the placeholder types. A measurement is taken from the child's mouth and sent to the laboratory and a suitable placeholder is made for the teeth. This prepared placeholder is adhered to the teeth and the placeholders are checked by the dentist every 6 months until the permanent tooth comes out from the bottom.

  • Fixed placeholders can be applied in one session.
  • Fixed placeholders do not cause periodontal problems.
  • Fixed placeholders do not cause metal allergy.
  • Fixed placeholders are similar to the tooth.
  • Removable placeholders can be applied in multiple tooth losses.
  • Removable placeholders make up occlusal function and missing teeth deficiency.
  • Removable placeholders can also be used at night.

Placeholders for children do not cause any harm. It does not cause any problems in chewing or dental health.

Problems To Be Encountered If The Placeholder Is Not Applied In Early Tooth Loss

If the placeholder treatment is not applied, there will be crowding in the teeth because the other adjacent teeth will slide into the cavities remaining from the missing milk teeth. At the same time, crooked and inclined teeth will be available for caries and will be difficult to clean.

When placeholder application is not preferred in children, chewing function will be impaired due to missing teeth. In odler ages, aesthetic problems and psychological problems will occur as a result of this.

It will cause more tooth loss, gingival diseases and bad breath.

More serious orthodontic problems will occur in older ages when placeholders are not applied. As a result, the loss of milk teeth is a serious issue and must be compensated with placeholders. It will be better to get support from your doctor for detailed information.


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