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How Is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Treated?

The Most Effective Method For Baby Bottle Tooth Decay!

Baby bottle tooth decay, one of the most common problems in early childhood, is a disease that occurs due to malnutrition and creates serious problems when neglected. While bacteria cause baby bottle tooth decay, these bacteria may also be passed from mother to baby after birth.

Baby bottle tooth decay, which is observed with the emergence of teeth in babies, is a whitish color at first, but becomes yellow in the later times. Parents take this seriously only if the teeth are browned or broken. On the contrary, baby bottle tooth decays that are not noticed early affect the health of the future teeth of children to a large extent.

How Does Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Occur?

Before answering your question of how to treat baby bottle tooth decay, let's get some awareness of how it happens. By the sixth month, babies who need solid nutrition are given milk with a bottle. In particular, nutrients such as honey, molasses or sugar are added to milk to increase its nutritional value. In addition, before sleeping, the baby is given milk with a bottle. The milk given with a bottle accumulates on the teeth after falling asleep, and the teeth cannot be cleaned as the saliva secretion decreases and it triggers the formation of caries.

Baby bottle tooth decay, which is caused by night feeding or sugary nutrition, causes discolouration and decay of new teeth. The structure of the ivory deteriorates and chalky white stains are seen first, then yellow-brown caries are seen. These caries first start on the front of the incisors in the upper jaw and then spread to the other teeth.

Feeding fruit juices as well as milk with a bottle and dipping the baby pacifier into honey or jam also cause the same type of early childhood caries.

Can Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Be Treated?

Baby bottle tooth decay treatment may not be possible in extremely progressive cases, but in general, this problem is eliminated in a short time with early recognition by the families. In the case of baby bottle tooth decay that cannot be treated, extraction of the teeth should be done.

There is no application for baby bottle tooth decay surgery in babies. Instead, dental caries are treated on the lap of the mother or father in the dental chair. With a few short sessions, the teeth will be free from caries.

The duty of families in the problem of baby bottle tooth decay is not to give their children foods containing sugar such as honey or molasses and to pay attention to their oral health. An unhealthy tooth structure development can deprive children of free smile in the future.


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