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Dil Seçimi

Dil Seçimi

Flour Application

Your Child's Dental Health is Under Control with Flour Application!

Fluorine or fluoride is an effective and reliable agent in preventing caries formation and stopping caries that have started in ivory. Fluoride is found in water and many foods we eat. When used with the correct dosage and technique, it increases the resistance of new teeth against caries. Flour application is done from the age of 3.

Which teeth is fluoride applied to?

Fluorine application can be easily applied to all dental surfaces. However, today many countries have given up fluoride application. Studies have shown that topical (superficial) fluoride application is more effective.

Since the application of fluoride in children is still valid in our country, it is carried out under the control of a dentist to prevent tartar, caries and oral diseases.


When is Flour Application Applied?

Dental fluoride; It is applied when it is desired to protect all tooth surfaces, to protect ivory from bacteria and acids, to protect tooth and oral health, to compensate for healthy growth of permanent teeth and insufficient brushing.

How is flour application applied?

Dental fluoride application is applied to be repeated every 6 months. Fluori application or fluoride treatment can be started from the age of 3. By increasing the tooth resistance of children, caries and orthodontic problems are prevented. However, as side effects are observed in excessive use of fluoride, the dosage should be determined by your child's dentist. Fluor application is basically 2 types:

  • Topical flour application
  • Systemic flour application

Flour application will be done in a short time and with successful results. Topical applications are generally preferred because systemic flour treatment is less effective.

The Advantages of Flour Application Is Countless!

Dental fluoride protects the teeth of your children and creates oral health, especially when it is applied in childhood. Flour therapy that gives vitality and resistance to teeth; It prevents the accumulation of nutrients in tooth recesses and grooves, provides easier brushing of surfaces, increases chewing functions, and prevents possible dental problems.

Fluoride treatment in children prevents the formation of caries.

Flour application, which strengthens the tooth structures, also prevents the formation of caries. Thanks to the flour application, which is a simple and painless procedure, your children will have standard dental health. You can contact your dentist for detailed information.


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