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Dental Filling Applications in Children

Is Dental Filling The Right Choice For Children?

Dental filling in children is one of the most common applications for caries. In general, it is recommended to fill the decaying milk teeth, and in cases where tooth extraction is necessary, placeholder appliances are used. Otherwise, while permanent teeth are developing, disorders occur in both the order and shape.

Caries seen in the permanent teeth of children are treated with child dental fillings. Sugary foods, irregular tooth brushing, and treatments for decayed teeth as a result of malnutrition also help to overcome dentist fear.


Dental Filling in the Treatment of Caries and Fractures

Before dental filling is applied for children, caries are cleaned, permanent or temporary dental filling is applied depending on the situation. If the caries is too large, a different treatment can be recommended by tooth extraction.

The most common situation in child dental filling applications is fractures in the anterior teeth as a result of falling or bumping. Milk tooth filling is applied for tooth fractures caused by accidents while playing, running or jumping. Dental filling is adhered on the tooth according to the shape of the broken parts of the tooth. If the broken part of the tooth is found, it is necessary to contact the dentist as soon as possible.

For milk tooth filling or dental filling for growing teeth, if the broken pieces in the tooth are too small, a composite white dental filling is applied in the same colour and form as the tooth. However, composite dental fillings are not very durable, they need to be renewed periodically. If the child eats healthily and attention is paid to oral care, the renewal times will be longer.

If a part larger than half or half of the tooth is broken, composite laminate application is applied that includes the entire front surface of the tooth and the fracture part. Likewise, this non-durable application should be repeated. If the patient is over 17 years old, porcelain laminated application is preferred instead of the composite one.

Do not Be Late in Broken Tooth Treatment!

It is very important not to be late for dental filling applications in children. If the tooth is broken and a piece is found, it is necessary to contact the dentist immediately and have the broken piece replaced to its place. If the broken piece is not found, the fracture area should be compensated by using dental filling materials for children.

You can get answers to the questions you have in mind, such as how to apply dental fillings in children, what should be considered, how to fill a milk tooth, or how much milk tooth filling prices are.


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