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Dental Caries Restoration In Children

How Is Dental Caries Restoration Done?

Dental caries is the destruction caused by the acids that are released as a result of the fermentation of carbohydrates taken by bacteria in children and adults, in dental hard tissues. Dental caries in children are seen in the early period at the age of 71 months or younger. Dental caries that start in early childhood and spread rapidly cause pain, dysfunction, phonation disorder, and aesthetic problems when not treated.

Dental caries treatment in children, which is one of the most worrisome issues for parents, is treated with restoration procedures without causing psychological problems and without impairing the child's quality of life. Dental caries restoration in children has become more aesthetically pleasing with the increasing material technology. The produced milk zirconium crowns meet both aesthetic and functional requirements.


Which Treatments Are Applied For Dental Caries?

Dental filling and root canal treatments are considered primarily when treating dental caries in children. However, methods such as amputation are also tried to solve the problem without the need for root canal treatment. The problems are treated until permanent teeth develop by using dental filling material according to the depth of the caries.

Placeholder brackets are also gaining importance for dental caries restoration in children. In case of decayed teeth extraction, crowding of teeth is prevented by using placeholders. If dental caries are caused by fractures due to trauma, if the broken tooth is saved, it is necessary to contact the dentist as soon as possible and attach it to its place.

Finally, if advanced dental caries are detected late, amputation is applied before root canal treatment. With amputation, the caries and nerve tissue in the crown part of the tooth that appears in the mouth is cleaned. After examining the nerves and veins in the roots, they are filled with dental filling material using special medicines.

Early Diagnosis is Must in the Treatment of Dental Caries in Children!

Leaving dental caries untreated in children is a very common condition all over the world. Untreated dental caries causes problems such as early tooth loss, occlusion disorders in permanent dentition, high treatment cost, lack of self-confidence and growth deficiency in the child. In addition, chewing, aesthetic problems and phonation are also problems seen when child dental caries are not treated.

For dental caries restoration in children, it is necessary to remove the caries with techniques such as hall and dental filling. Treatments without anesthesia or medication will help children overcome their dentist fears. The duty of mothers and fathers is to take into account dental caries and contact dentists before permanent results occur.


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