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7 Problems That Cause Dental Infection in Children

Underlying Causes of Gingivitis

Dental infections in children, also known as gingivitis, are understood by plaques that also form the gingival line and irritate the gingiva, gingival swelling and bad breath.  Gingivitis, the earliest stage of gingival disease, can be prevented before it turns into periodontal disease. For this, families should observe the dental health of their children. Attention should be paid to symptoms such as reddish, sensitive, bleeding, receding gingiva and bad breath.

So what are the reasons for dental infections in children that cause these problems? What causes tooth abscess or inflammation in children?

1. Consuming sugary and carbonated foods

Among the most common causes of gingivitis in children, excessive consumption of sugary foods. These types of foods and drinks accelerate the growth of bacteria on the tooth surfaces and cause tooth caries.

Bacteria move between the caries, cracks or broken areas of the teeth, causing undesirable conditions such as dental abscess and infection in children.


  2.Decayed teeth

Decayed teeth, which are among the causes of dental infections in children, will cause gingival problems and threaten your children's permanent teeth if they are neglected.

When tooth caries are not treated, the roots of the teeth will weaken and if placeholders or other treatment solutions are not applied, the development of future teeth will be in danger, crowding and tooth deformities will occur.



3. Fractures and cracks in ivory

Fractures and cracks, which are among the causes of dental inflammation, cause bacteria to progress to the soft layer inside the tooth, just like tooth caries.

The soft layer affected by bacteria reveals itself in problems such as swelling of the gingiva, bad breath and bleeding. There is a loss of teeth with infection and abscess.

4. Hard brushing of teeth

Dental infections due to improper brushing are common, as children are generally not given correct information while providing tooth cleaning training. Inflammation problems occur as a result of bleeding and swelling caused by hard brushing of teeth.

When the use of hard brushes is added to this habit, dental infections in children increase. Therefore, families need to teach their children how to brush teeth correctly.

5. Using the wrong toothpaste

Among the causes of dental infections in children is using the wrong toothpaste. Bleeding, swelling, yellowing or tartar formation occur on the teeth as a result of the use of toothpastes that are not suitable for children and used by adults.

It is necessary to buy toothpaste that has high fluoride values and is suitable for the age and tooth development of the child. It is more advantageous for families to get information from dentists on this issue.

6. Not brushing the teeth

Teeth cleaning is generally hampered in children. Families think that milk teeth do not need to be brushed. On the contrary, the better the health of the milk teeth, which replace permanent teeth, is preserved, the healthier the teeth that will be replaced will be.

With the growth of milk teeth, families should learn from their dentists how to apply correct oral health and hygiene.

7. Teeth grinding or clenching

It is common for children to grind or clench their teeth while sleeping at night. This situation causes the tooth roots to weaken or the teeth to break. Due to broken teeth or weakened tooth roots, inflammation occurs and teeth are lost.

Dentists find a solution to this problem, which is one of the most common causes of gingivitis in children, with night plaques.



Families have a great responsibility to eliminate the factors that cause dental infections in children. Their children should pay attention to oral and dental health and ensure dental hygiene according to the recommendations of their doctors. 


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