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How Is Amputation Applied For Milk Teeth?

Amputation is a treatment applied to maintain the continuousness of function in milk teeth. Amputation, which is used in cases where caries reaches the vessels and nerves in the centre of the tooth and feeding the tooth, is an important method in terms of removing the bacteria that cause caries.

Since oral care in children is disrupted and the consumption of sugary foods is high, tooth decay is faster. This makes it easier to spread to the nerves. When dental tissue loses its vitality, it is normal for pain and swelling to occur. Thus, amputation can be applied instead of root canal treatment for visible problems.


How is its application and effect?

Amputation treatment is generally applied to milk molars and permanent first molars with 6-year-old teeth. Amputation for milk teeth is done by removing the carious tissue and the nerves and vessels affected by it. In order to protect the vitality of the tooth, a treatment that will increase the function is applied. Anesthesia is applied to the tooth when applying amputation for children. No pain or ache is felt after the teeth are anaesthetized.

During the amputation application, all caries and nerve tissue in the crown part of the tooth that appears in the mouth is cleaned. No intervention is made to the nerves and vessels in the roots. Special drugs are injected into the tooth and the tooth is filled like a normal dental filling.

In cases where the infection is very advanced, it may be decided to remove the milk tooth. In these cases, it will be possible to apply a placeholder.

Points to Consider in Treatment

Before amputation for children, how far caries has progressed and the condition of the nerves should be examined. If teeth need to be extracted, panoramic x-rays should be taken. The development of the lower permanent tooth should be examined and it should be analyzed how much the milk tooth root affects the permanent tooth.

If amputation or placeholder treatment is not applied, with the loss of teeth, the teeth on both sides of the cavity may lean or move towards the extraction cavity. The required place for the tooth that will come from lower part is lost. Accordingly, crooked teeth and orthodontic problems occur. Amputation should be applied in terms of the health of milk teeth and permanent teeth.

You should definitely consult your dentist to get information about amputation treatment and amputation tooth prices in children.


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