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Porcelain Dental Braces (Transparent Dental Braces)

How Is Porcelain Transparent Dental Braces Treated? Advantages and Prices 

In recent years, with the development of orthodontics technology, transparent dental braces have been the most preferred form of treatment. Transparent dental braces, also called porcelain dental braces, are often preferred in terms of not being noticed compared to metal ones. For those who do not want their business and social life to be affected by orthodontics treatment, transparent dental braces are a totally savior. Ceramic and tooth coloured porcelain dental braces are also remarkable because they do not stain and adapt faster to the mouth structure.

To whom is porcelain dental braces applied?

Transparent dental braces are applied to anyone who is uncomfortable with their crowded teeth. In addition to this, it is mostly preferred for patients who have aesthetic concerns and do not want their dental braces to be seen. Transparent dental braces are recommended for people with unbalanced facial and jaw structure, people with teeth positioned in the front, people with anomalies in the lower and upper tooth curves, people with jaws positioned forward or back, and those who have difficulty closing their mouth.

Transparent dental braces, which are a savior in late orthodontics treatments, can be applied at any age according to the expectations of the doctor and the patient. 


How Is Porcelain Dental Braces Treated?

If we answer your question of how to attach transparent dental braces, we can say that it is placed on the teeth in the same way as metal dental braces. Wearing and removing is the same process as in metal dental braces. With the first examination, orthodontic disorders of the person are detected and the necessary treatments are applied without attaching dental braces. The doctor provides a comfortable working environment with the expansion appliance inside the mouth while wearing porcelain dental braces. While braces are worn, tools are used to isolate saliva to keep the teeth dry. Porcelain brackets are attached one by one and roughened. After this, using a special adhesive, the dental brackets are integrated with the teeth. The application is completed by passing arch braces through the dental brackets.

Advantages of transparent dental braces

Transparent dental braces provides an offer to the patient to have an aesthetic apperance during the treatment process because transparent dental braces do not have a remarkable appereance on the tooth surface. In addition to this, it is the most ideal solution for people who can not get treatment at an early age and also who pay attention to their appearance due to their social and business life. Advantages of aesthetic dental braces:

  • Porcelain dental braces treatment is finished as early as possible, just like metal dental braces treatment time.
  • Porcelain dental braces have become as strong as metal dental brackets with the developing technology.
  • They are not noticeable because they are transparent.
  • They do not cause allergic reactions in individuals.
  • They are resistant to damages and hard foods.
  • They ensure that the treatment process is monitored well.

Porcelain braces are the most effective and aesthetic method offered for those who want to wear braces at an old age. Thanks to the transparent dental braces treatment, you can ensure that your teeth reach their ideal position without worrying about appearance. 

Porcelain Dental Braces Treatment Fees 

Transparent dental braces prices vary from person to person. Since each patient's orthodontic disorder is different, the material and treatment times to be used in the treatment will not be similar. Therefore, porcelain dental braces prices are determined with the first examination.

However, what you need to know is that porcelain dental braces are more expensive than metal ones. Treatment costs will be determined according to the person's oral health and whether he / she needs different treatments.

Get your dream teeth in a short time with porcelain dental braces treatment!

Transparent dental braces treatment can take several months longer than metal dental braces applications. However, this situation is planned in a way that does not cause any change in the general treatment period.

You can achieve your dream smile in a short time thanks to the transparent dental braces. You can contact your dentist to get information about treatment time and fees.


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