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Metal Dental Braces

Faster Results With Metal Dental Braces!

Metal dental braces treatment is the most preferred form of treatment among orthodontics treatments. Metal dental braces are appliances that are placed on the inside or outside of the teeth and are often preferred due to their durability. The dental braces, which are noticed due to their metal structure, provide an advantage to the patient during the treatment due to the low possibility of fraction. Metal dental braces treatment is also preferred because it finishes faster than other orthodontic applications.

To whom is metal dental braces applied?

Metal dental braces are often used, especially in pediatric orthodontics. Apart from this, It is applied to people with general orthodontic problems, people with crowded or wrong positioned teeth, people with unbalanced face and jaw structure, people with tooth loss and fractures, people with teeth positioned in front, people with distorted chewing and speech functions, lower and upper tooth curves, those who have abnormalities, those who are uncomfortable with their smile, and those who have difficulty closing their mouths.

Metal dental braces treatment can also be applied to those with serious jaw and denture problems, allowing the teeth to reach the correct alignment.


How Is Metal Dental Braces Treated?

Before the metal dental braces applications, the patient is informed about the severity of the crowding and the treatments to be performed at the first examination. After this, problems such as fractions in the mouth and gingival diseases are solved. While wearing metal dental braces, the mouth is enlarged with an apparatus called a retractor to provide a comfortable work. While braces are worn, tools are used to isolate saliva to keep the teeth dry. In the traditional method; dental brackets are attached to each tooth one by one and roughening process is performed for this. After this, using a special adhesive, the dental brackets are integrated with the teeth.

After the metal dental braces are attached, the adhesive is hardened and the excessive amount of the leaking adhesive is removed. This application, made separately for each tooth, is completed by passing the arch brace through the dental brackets.

Advantages of metal dental braces treatment

After answering your question of how to attach metal dental braces, let's emphasize the advantages of metal dental braces. Metal dental braces, which are still preferred as the most reliable and fast treatment method, make a contribution to the development of jaws and teeth when applied in childhood. The advantages of metal braces:

  • It is more economical than other dental braces.
  • It is the treatment that gives the fastest results.
  • It is the most durable and robust type of dental braces.
  • It is the type of dental braces that is least likely to break.
  • It can be applied to people of all ages.
  • It does not cause an allergic reaction in patients.
  • It offers the chance to observe the treatment process in the best way.

Metal dental braces, which enable orthodontics treatment to be completed in a short time, will be an alternative choice for patients thinking of dental braces of all ages. Especially the healthy tooth development of children will be supported by metal dental braces.

Metal Dental Braces Treatment Fees

Metal dental braces prices are more economical than other orthodontic methods. The application of lingual and porcelain dental braces is more expensive because they are the most advanced methods. Metal dental braces treatment fees; It depends on the person's teeth and jaw abnormalities, the quality of the appliances to be used and whether the patient needs other dental treatments.

Your doctor will provide the most accurate information for metal dental braces prices. You should contact your dentist to learn about other orthodontic alternatives.

You should do your part during metal dental braces treatment!

If you want your treatment to be completed faster with the results you want, you should pay attention to the care and cleaning of your dental braces. You should not consume foods that your doctor does not recommend and you should not postpone your appointments in the treatment of metal dental braces that will last between 8- 24 months.

You can have a more beautiful smile with metal dental braces. Take care about orthodontics treatment at an early age and take care of your smile...


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