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Fixed and Removable Appliances in Orthodontics

Who Are Fixed and Removable Appliances Used For?

Fixed, removable, intra-oral and extra-oral appliances are used in orthodontics treatments. In particular, intra-oral and extra-oral appliances, which are applied to eliminate problems such as jaw stenosis, overlapped teeth, forward and backward jaw positions, crowded tooth positioning, play a major role in the course of orthodontics treatments.

Intra-oral appliances are appliances such as metal and transparent dental braces that are placed on the surface of the teeth and cannot be removed during the treatment. Intra-oral removable appliances are orthodontics treatment tools that can be inserted and removed by both the patient and the doctor, and can direct tooth and jaw development.

On the other hand, extra-oral appliances are orthodontic appliances that are classified as removable appliances and are used in the treatment of problems related to the jaw. It is used between the ages of 12 and 16, when the growth is fast, and it directs the shape and growth of the jaw.


Extra-Oral Appliances

Extra-oral appliance types, which give effective results when used at an early age, are used between 16 and 18 hours a day. Extra-oral appliances that can be inserted and removed by both the patient and the doctor are:

  • Face Mask: Used in cases where upper jaw development is insufficient.
  • Headgear: It is used to control growth in cases where the upper jaw development is excessive.
  • Facebow: It is part of the headgear appliance.
  • Chin cup: It is used in cases where lower jaw development is excessive.

Intra-oral Fixed Appliance - Dental Correction Appliance

Intra-oral fixed appliances are the friend of orthodontists as they bring the position of the teeth and jaw to ideal properties. Intra-oral fixed appliances that guide jaw and tooth development are:

  • Jasper Jumper: It is a fixed functional intra-oral appliance used to take forward the lower jaw and made out of an elastic spring.
  • Quick widening appliance: It is used especially between the ages of 9 and 15 to widen the upper jaw skeletally.
  • Forsus fatigu: Forsus fatigu, which is used as an intra-oral appliance, applies force by means of dental braces in the lower and upper arch.
  • Herbst: It is attached by crowning the teeth and it is a rigid appliance.
  • Lingual Retainer (LR): It is a fixed dental braces attached to the back of the teeth.

Removable Intra-Oral Appliances

The types of intra-oral removable appliances that direct the development of teeth and jaws and used according to the type and severity of the orthodontic problem are:

  • Monoblock: It is used in cases where the lower jaw is behind or in cases of jaw displacement.
  • Twin Block: It is used to pull the lower jaw forward.
  • Activator: It is used for severe closing problems.
  • Hawley: It is used for reinforcement after orthodontics treatment.
  • Essix Plaque: It is used to bring the teeth to their intended position.
  • Positioner: It is used to reinforce functional treatments.

Your Jaws and Teeth Are Now So Beautiful With Orthodontic Appliances!

When orthodontic appliances are intervened at an early age, they allow teeth and jaws to reach their intended shape faster and safer. Intra-oral appliances and extra-oral appliances that treat forward and backward jaw conditions quickly resolve simple orthodontic disorders, are an economical solution when used at the right age and correctly, and oral hygiene can be provided easily because they can be attached and removed.

Orthodontic appliances are effective methods in terms of giving a natural smile and beautiful appearance.  It will be advantageous to choose the treatments in the period when the teeth begin to develop.


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