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Why Should Preventive Orthodontics Be Applied?

Why Should Preventive Orthodontics Be Applied?

The purpose of preventive orthodontics is to prevent children from encountering any orthodontic problems in the future and to ensure regular placement of teeth without the need for dental braces. In preventive orthodontics, the controls that are started from the birth of the child can be identified and intervened immediately, and possible problems can be prevented immediately.

With preventive orthodontics, children's oral and dental health is controlled and they grow up as self-confident individuals.

Orthodontic problems that are not treated at any age can cause bigger problems in the future. Preventive orthodontics stages and treatment times are determined according to the severity of the orthodontic problem. While preventive treatments are terminated when tooth alignment occurs and results faster, this period may be prolonged in temporomandibular joint treatments.


Which Problems Can Be Solved With Preventive Orthodontics?

Preventive orthodontics can be used to physically and aesthetically find a solution for the mouth, teeth and jaw problems that may occur in the future, as well as to detect bad habits that cause disorders in the teeth, jaw and face.

With preventive orthodontics, children can get rid of their bad habits and the obstacles to the healthy appearance of their teeth can be removed before it is too late.

Preventive orthodontics allows the child to be monitored from birth and to identify any disorder that may occur in the tooth or jaw and intervene immediately. Dentists identify bad habits that may cause deterioration in the teeth, jaw and face of the child in the early period and take the necessary precautions. When these habits are solved without leaving permanent damage, the alignment and ideal appearance of the teeth are obtained. So, which problems can be solved with preventive orthodontics?

  1. Finger, lip, tongue sucking and biting,
  2. Problems in swallowing,
  3. Cheek biting, grinding and clenching of the teeth,
  4. Nail biting, mouth breathing and speech disorders,

can be listed among the main problems. These bad habits can be easily solved with appropriate treatment methods and it can be ensured that there will be no problems in the teeth and jaw in the future.

Which Methods Are Used in Treatment and Do They Harm Children?

Habits affecting the child's oral and dental health are treated using preventive appliances. Appliances are of 2 types, fixed and removable. The periods and forms of their use are determined according to the age and severity of the child's habit.

The methods to be applied in preventive orthodontics in children are completely harmless and they are better positioned while the main teeth are erupting continuously.

The biggest concern of families in preventive orthodontics is whether the appliances used will harm the child. Any device used in the treatment does not harm the child, and their problems can be easily solved when done by a specialist. With timely precautions, the child's dental development will take place properly and a lifelong appropriate appearance can be obtained.


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