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Why Does Your Dentist Prefer Removable Orthodontics?

Why Does Your Dentist Prefer Removable Orthodontics?

In the removable orthodontics treatment, the jaw and tooth disorders that occur during the controls are treated with the appliances used for the period deemed appropriate by the dentist.

The aim of the treatment is to prevent tooth and jaw problems that may arise in later ages and to create a healthy mouth structure and tooth alignment. Removable appliances are used for expansion therapy, especially in patients with jaw stenosis. Different methods are used in the treatment of removable appliances that patients can easily wear and take out.

1.  Transparent corrective dental plates (Clear Aligner, Aso Aligner)

Transparent corrective dental plates are used to correct and provide positioning of teeth without creating aesthetic concern. Specially produced dental plates make treatment possible without the use of dental braces.

Transparent dental plates that are not noticeable from the outside can be attached and removed when if required. With transparent dental plates, which are an aesthetic solution for correcting distortions, the teeth reach the ideal position they should be, and the patients have healthy appropriate teeth.

2.  Functional devices

Functional devices are used to correct jaw disorders. This treatment method, which is mostly used in adolescent patients, is used to ensure the forward development of the jaw, especially in cases where the lower jaw is behind.

It is the most preferred and applied one of the functional devices in various forms, in terms of comfort and functionality, consisting of two parts, upper and lower separated, and forcing the positioning by closing the lower jaw.


3. Expansion devices

Expansion devices are intra-oral appliances used to expand the jaw structure in severe upper jaw stenosis. In devices placed in the lower part of the tongue, short-term speech disorder may occur, and this temporary situation can be continued without any problems along with the adaptation process.

This method, which can be easily applied to children and adolescents in the development period of the jaw structure, can be applied with surgical intervention in order to help the maxillary enlargement in adult patients.

4.  Retainer devices

Retainer devices are a preventive method to prevent the deficiency of teeth that are recovered after orthodontics treatment. Retainer process is one of the most important stages of orthodontics treatment.

After the dental braces and dental brackets are removed, the teeth will try to return to their old places after a while, so treatment must be applied with retainer devices. Retainer appliances are for keeping the teeth fixed while getting used to their new position. If the device is not used, orthodontics treatment will be incomplete and incorrect.

More Comfortable Dental Braces Treatment with Removable Dental Appliances!

For those who avoid using dental braces, removable orthodontics applications are saviors. Those who do not want their dental braces to remain fixed to their teeth for a long time prefer removable appliances. However, the use of removable orthodontics appliances depends on your tooth structure and level of crowding.

Therefore, It is not suitable for everyone. You can learn from your dentist whether the removable orthodontics is suitable for you. You can change your smile with fixed or removable orthodontics treatments.


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