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To Whom Are Corrective Orthodontics Treatments Applied?

To Whom Are Corrective Orthodontics Treatments Applied?

Corrective orthodontics treatment is a treatment method applied to correct the bad closing condition caused by the irregular alignment of the teeth, jaw and facial bone disorders. It is possible for the process to progress faster with early diagnosis in corrective orthodontics applications.

At the same time, with corrective orthodontics treatment, disorders caused by orthodontics anomalies such as thumbsucking and mouth breathing can be eliminated by surgical or corrective interventions. Corrective orthodontics treatments, which can be applied at any age from the age of 7-9, can be treated without the need for surgical intervention, especially in the anomalies seen in examinations after the baby teeth are removed.


In What Cases Are Corrective Orthodontics Applied?

Corrective orthodontics is a treatment method applied to solve problems such as abnormalities of the upper and lower tooth curves, unstable face and jaw structure, chewing and speech functions, teeth positioned in front, tooth loss and fractures, and the presence of crowded teeth in the wrong place.

The purpose of corrective orthodontics treatment is to create a proper jaw and mouth structure for the person, as in all orthodontics treatments, and to ensure proper alignment of crowded teeth. In addition, corrective orthodontics treatment provides a beautiful smile and jaw structure, prevents bad habits that will damage teeth and jaw, improves physical appearance and increases self-confidence, prevents traumas caused by incorrect positioning of teeth, prevents tooth fractures, caries and gingival diseases, and makes one's life healthy and with good quality.

While the treatment process of dental and jaw disorders that are diagnosed at an early age is easier and faster, many methods can be applied, up to the option of surgical intervention, where the teeth and jaw structure become established in adults.

What Methods Are Used In Corrective Orthodontics?

With corrective orthodontics, crowded teeth are corrected and possible health problems can be prevented by providing a proper jaw and a healthy mouth structure. In corrective orthodontics, different treatment methods are applied according to the person and the problem in order to prevent tooth alignment and jaw problems.

In fixed treatment, first of all dental brackets are attached to the teeth with special adhesives. For appointments held between four and six weeks on average, the dental braces are placed in a way that the patient cannot interfere, and they are attached and removed by the orthodontist.

Removable treatment is used as a support for preventive orthodontics treatment. Relatively simple crowdings are corrected by using appliances.

Orthognathic surgery is a method of correcting the damaged jaw structure in adults by surgical intervention. Orthodontist and maxillofacial surgeon work together in the application of this treatment method.


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