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How Does Your Life Change With Fixed Orthodontics Treatment?

How Does Your Life Change With Fixed Orthodontics Treatment?

Fixed orthodontics treatment is the most effective method in removing tooth crowding. After the permanent teeth are formed, it is applied from the age of 11-12 with dental brackets and dental braces that are only attached and removed by the dentist. Fixed orthodontics treatment can be applied to patients of all ages and is the fastest and most effective method in removing tooth crowding. In addition, it prevents tooth and jaw problems that may occur in the future.

After treatment, you will have properly positioned teeth and ideal jaw appearance faster by caring for your teeth as recommended by your dentist and not consuming hard foods. You will have a natural and beautiful smile with your teeth that you have captured the perfect image and your quality of life will increase far better.


What methods are applied in fixed orthodontics?

In fixed orthodontics treatment, which is the most effective method in crowded tooth problems, problematic teeth respond to applications in a short time and take place quickly. Dental brackets and devices are specially designed and used for each patient in fixed orthodontics treatment. Some of the methods used in treatment are as follows:

Metal dental brackets: Metal dental brackets made of high quality stainless steel attached to the teeth are quite small and aesthetic compared to the old ones. They can also be applied by colouring on demand.

Porcelain dental brackets: Porcelain dental brackets, which are less visible than metal dental brackets, are an aesthetically good treatment option.

Lingual dental brackets: Lingual dental brackets, which are applied by sticking to the inner surface of the teeth, can be applied to people with having an image concern.

Fast dental braces technique: With this technique, which is a shorter treatment than traditional methods, treatment results in an average of 5-12 months.

Covered dental brackets: These are self-locking brackets on which there are hinged covers.

What should you pay attention to after fixed orthodontics treatment?

In fixed orthodontics treatment, which is the most preferred method by dentists in order to shorten the duration of the dental braces treatment and get the best result, the patient cannot remove the dental braces until the end of the treatment. For the best results, patients should follow the dentist's recommendations carefully. Patients should form their eating habits according to the dentist's recommendations, pay attention to their oral hygiene, and protect their teeth and appliances from impacts.

When the dental braces are broken or the dental braces fall off, they can be replaced with new ones, but as this may prolong the treatment process, possible care should be taken by the patient. When you pay attention to all the warnings and have your regular checks on time, it is possible to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.


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