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Dil Seçimi

Dil Seçimi

Occupational Health & Safety and Environment Policy

Cliniqa Dental World aims to reduce environmental impacts and prevent environmental pollution, minimize occupational safety risks and achieve "continuous improvement" in the international arena, taking into account the operational risks in the process of meeting the demands of patients, taking into account the patient satisfaction and legal obligations,

For this purpose;

• We will comply with all legal requirements related to the Occupational Health & Safety and Environment Policy in force and the requirements of the organizations of which we are a member,

• We will raise awareness of our employees about Occupational Health & Safety and Environment,

• We will take all necessary measures to protect our employees from all kinds of work accidents and occupational diseases,

• We will strive to provide a safe and zero-accident working environment for all our employees,

• We will determine the dangers that may damage to the environment and human health in advance and take precautions,

• We will take the necessary measures to prevent environmental pollution, ensure recycling, and dispose of non-recyclable waste,

• We undertake together with all our employees that we will regularly review all our activities in order to ensure the effectiveness and continuous improvement of the Occupational Health & Safety and Environment management systems.

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