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Bruxism and Stress Relation

Stress Is With Us While Sleeping! Causes Of Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, or teeth grinding as it is known among the public, is the event of tightening the jaws and bringing the teeth into contact with each other, mostly caused by strong jaw movements during sleep. Bruxism, which is seen in 1 out of 10 people, is more common especially in children. Different factors underlie the causes of unconscious teeth grinding.

Stress is one of these factors. The relation between bruxism and stress is a problem that people encounter as a result of the pressures of daily life. Alcohol, caffeine and cigarette use also cause bruxism in people. In addition, people with neurological and psychiatric diseases have a higher risk of bruxism.


The Underlying Reasons Behind Teeth Clenching Habit

Although bruxism is more common due to stress, the underlying causes may be different. There are 2 main factors as the causes of bruxism. The first is stress and other psychological disorders as we mentioned first, and the second is closing disorders.

Working in jobs that trigger stress, school life, feeling of failure, feeling of loss, fear of rejection, mobbing, family and friend pressure are important factors for teeth clenching. Bruxism problem occurs if these problems are continuous in the daily life of the person. In addition, missing teeth in the mouth and improperly made prostheses also affect the jaw-closing negatively and can cause tooth clenching. Aggressive and competitive people are also in the risk group.

At the end of stress, which is among the causes of bruxism, abnormal corrosion, tingling, cracks, and sometimes even fractures can be seen on the tooth surfaces due to tooth clenching. In the morning, pain and fatigue in the jaw muscles, headache, jaw mass due to teeth grinding during sleep can be seen. Even the sounds coming during the opening and closing of the jaw are also caused by teeth grinding.

What Are The Damages Of Bruxism On Teeth?

When the relation between bruxism and stress is ignored, it may cause corrosion and fractures in ivory, dental fillings or existing restorations. Due to the decrease of joint fluid in the temporomandibular joint, you may encounter corrosion on the head and socket of the joint and difficulties when opening the mouth. Along with the causes of teeth grinding, conditions such as stomach, headache and neck pain can also be seen.

When teeth grinding is not treated, it will cause serious dental and psychological problems, so the person should definitely receive stress therapy. Measures to ensure a comfortable sleep, muscle relaxant medication, improper dental filling and replacement of dental veneers, prosthesis applications for deficient teeth will also be solutions for them. Bruxism treatment should not be postponed in any way.


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