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Laser Implant Treatment

Advantages Of Laser Implants

Laser implant treatment is one of the most preferred treatments in recent years. In dentistry, an implant is the process of placing specially designed screws into the jawbone. Normally, in today's implant operations, horizontal and vertical incisions are done in the area where the implant is applied, and the implant hole is drilled on the bone, metal equipment is placed and the gingiva is closed with sutures.

In the laser implant without suture operation, the gingiva in the area where the implant will be applied is removed with a laser in the form of a cap, then the implant slot is drilled with special tips. The implant is placed in a few minutes and the operation is completed. It is a new generation treatment method especially for those who are afraid of implant treatment.


How Is Laser Implant Done?

Before the laser-supported implant, detailed information about the bone tissue where the implant will be placed is obtained by taking three-dimensional computed tomography from the patient. Implants are not applied to patients whose bone tissue is insufficient.

Implant treatment, which is one of the minimally invasive methods, can be applied in any area where bone volume is suitable. In the area to be implanted, the working area is opened to the dentist using any of the erbium, diode, nd-yag or co2 lasers. After reaching the bone tissue, a drill is opened with an implant diameter in the compact part, which is the hardest part of the bone, and the implant is placed here. Then, bio-stimulation is applied with diode or nd-yag lasers. Pain that may occur after the operation is also prevented.

Since a gingival and bone procedure is performed only in the area where the implant will be applied, the comfort of the patients after the operation is at the maximum level.

What Are The Advantages Of Laser Implant?

Laser-supported implant treatment, also known as implant without suture, is successful especially in diabetics with healing problems, heart patients using blood thinners with bleeding problems, individuals with low resistance to infection and cancer patients at certain levels. It is also applied in patients with kidney and liver problems and patients with low pain threshold.

The recovery period after the operation is short and fast. Laser implant technique can be performed without damaging the bone tissue or thermal harm, and post-operative bone healing is at its maximum. In the laser implant application, which is a risk-free and high-quality operation, the knowledge and skill of the dentist will also affect the results.


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