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How Is Surgical Implant Applied?

Get Healthy Teeth With Implant Surgery!

Implant surgery is one of the methods used in the elimination of tooth deficiencies and giving their former aesthetic appearance and function to the teeth. In cases where bone density and amount are not suitable in surgical implant treatment, bone grafting is applied and ossification of the area is expected. After 2 - 3 months, the treatment is continued by starting the prosthesis phase. The general condition of the bones is considered on the basis of implant surgery.

Surgical implant treatment can not be applied to whom?

Implant treatment is an application that can be applied at any age and provides to regain lost teeth. However, there are also patients who will not have an implant.

Surgical implant treatment is not applied to people who smoke excessively, have diabetes, have heart disease, have hypertension problems, have blood coagulation disorders and are having chemotherapy.


How To Apply Surgical Implant Application?

When you say how to apply a surgical implant, we can say that it starts with the examination of the bone density and tooth structure of the patient. In cases where the bone density and amount are not suitable for the implant, bone grafting is applied and the area is expected to ossify. This situation forms the basis of implant surgery.

The implant must be unioned to the jawbone in order to start the implant tooth formation and prosthesis phase. After the implant and jaw bone are integrated in a period of 2 - 3 months, the teeth are prepared and treated. The patients can start using their teeth with a former function after a short time.

Advantages of surgical implant treatment

Since the implant surgery is performed in accordance with the bone and tissue structure of the person, the patient does not feel any discomfort. The advantages of implants used like natural teeth are:

  • While missing teeth are compensated with surgical implants, adjacent teeth that are healthy do not need to be cut.
  • It looks and feels like a real tooth.
  • They are more comfortable than prostheses because they are fixed to the bone.
  • Provides a complete and powerful chewing function.
  • It also provides support for crown and bridge prostheses.
  • It regains its adherency to bones.

After implant formation, patients use their teeth for many years without any problems. However, it should not be forgotten that the surgical implant tooth formation process should be applied by a specialist dentist.

Disadvantages Of Surgical Implant Treatment

 Implant surgery is one of the treatments with minimal complications. It should be noted that the success rate is low for those who smoke before implant surgery, diabetics, heart and blood pressure patients. Trauma, infection around the implant during and after implant surgery will reduce the implant's harmony with the bone and affect the chances of success.

After implant treatment, you can use your teeth for 15 years or more at the same performance. However, you should pay attention to your oral care and the health of your teeth. It will be better to consult your dentist for detailed information.


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