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How Is Simple Dental Implant Applied?

How Is Simple Dental Implant Applied? - Screwed Dental Treatment

Implant applications are a treatment performed in order to provide an aesthetic appearance and fulfill the functions of teeth in partial or complete tooth deficiencies. Simple implants are preferred in terms of preventing healthy tooth loss and protecting the jaw structure and bone tissue without the need for deep surgical applications.

To whom is simple implant treatment applied?

Simple implant application that enables fixed treatment instead of removable; It is applied to people whose jawbone height and width is appropriate, those who have lost their teeth for various reasons, people with good general health, and those who do not have an important systemic disease that is not under control.

Dental implant treatment can be applied together with other treatments for those who have not received radiotherapy or chemotherapy recently and those with sufficient bone structure.


How To Apply Simple Implant Application?

If we answer the question of how to apply a simple implant, simple implant applications that protect the jaw structure and bone tissue of the person apart from traditional dental treatment, begin with determining whether the patient is a suitable candidate for implant. Implants are placed under local anaesthesia in patients with appropriate bone structure. Then, the permanent teeth are fixed on the implant and the patient's treatment is completed. The incorporation period of the teeth with the bone is 2 - 4 months, but it may be necessary to wait 6 months for recovery in people who require any intervention to the jawbone.

Advantages of simple implant treatment

Simple implant treatment not only provide the lost teeth of the person but also fulfills their self-confidence. Advantages of Implant dental application:

  • While lost teeth are compensated, solid adjacent teeth do not need to be cut.
  • It looks and feels like a real tooth.
  • The presence of implant teeth in the mouth is not felt.
  • Provides complete chewing function.
  • As a result of fixing prostheses with implants, the life quality of the patients increases.
  • It also supports the implant, crown and bridge prosthesis.
  • Implant teeth regain the adherency of the bone.
  • It allows you to chew like real teeth.

Thanks to the simple implant application, which is a solution to complete tooth loss, it is faster to get natural and aesthetic teeth.

Disadvantages Of Simple Implant Treatment

Although simple implant dental application does not contain any disadvantages, conditions such as trauma, infection around the implant, smoking during and after implant surgery can prevent blood flow to the bone and gingiva and reduce the compatibility of the implant with the bone. Therefore, the dentist must be an expert in implant surgery.

The quality of the materials used for the implant, the general dental and oral health of the patient will also affect the success of the treatment.

Are simple implants long-lasting?

Screwed tooth or simple implant treatment has been used for many years with the same functions. It does not cause you to encounter any problems when you pay attention to dental and oral care. When you take care of impacts and solid food consumption, you can use your implants in a healthier way. You can get detailed information from your doctor.


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