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Why Are Gingival Aesthetics Applied?

Differences Before and After Gingival Aesthetics

Gingival aesthetics, also known as pink aesthetics, is the process of shaping the gingival level in accordance with the patient's mouth structure. It is aesthetic based treatments for those who are uncomfortable with gingiva that usually appear while smiling or talking. The situations in which the gingiva appear too much during the smile, which are called a gummy smile, are eliminated by gingival aesthetics.

Although the answers to the question of why gingival aesthetics applied with laser application are generally given aesthetic reasons, some patients may need to intervene in the gingiva in terms of dental health. A healthy gingiva is light pink in colour and adheres firmly to the bone. Therefore, it is necessary to do gingival aesthetics for those who do not have this appearance.

In Which Cases Is Gingival Aesthetics Applied?

For a healthy smile, the gingiva, teeth, lips and jaw should have a harmonious appearance. When this appearance is not caught, it is necessary to intervene with gingival aesthetics. In addition to your question, why is pink aesthetics applied:

  • When you have gingiva that seem too much in a smile,
  • In cases where there are unwanted pigmentations (dark red discolourations, spots) on the front gingiva,
  • If the gingival levels are not at the same level in the anterior teeth,
  • Gingival recession,
  • We can say that it is applied for aesthetic appearance and anxiety.

Before gingival aesthetics is applied, the gingiva must be healthy. First of all, gingival treatment is performed and the aesthetic appearance of the teeth recovered is edited. If there is swelling, redness and bleeding in the gingiva, it is necessary to treat the gingiva before the gingival aesthetics. Then, operation methods are used according to the presence of the problem.

Benefits and Harm of Gingival Aesthetics

After answering your question of why gingival aesthetics is applied, we can answer any questions you may have about whether there are risks of this treatment. In general, dentists state that there is not much risk of gingival shaping. However, in cases where a large amount of gingival cuts or bone tissue needs to be removed, the healing process may be slightly longer. In addition, bleeding may occur after treatment, you should know that this situation is temporary. Bleeding stops for approximately 24 to 48 hours.

Infection may rarely be seen in some patients after gingival aesthetics. The probability of complications is higher due to the long duration of the application and the patient's smoking habit. Patients are warned not to brush or floss the treatment area. Tissues may bleed at first, but the gingiva will return to normal within a month, and they will be completely healed within three months.

Contact your dentist to get information about after and before gingival aesthetics and gingival aesthetic fees, smile healthy and happy...


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