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Dil Seçimi

Dil Seçimi

Flap Operation

The Most Effective Solution For Tooth Infections!

Flap operation is the treatment applied in the event of infection and bone destruction, although the root surfaces of the teeth are cleaned due to gingival diseases. In cases where bone destruction progresses, flap operation is performed in order to directly interfere with the bone under the gingival tissue and to remove the formed gingival pockets.

Flap operation is performed with local anesthesia and is a painless application, and it gives more successful results thanks to early diagnosis. In the flap operation, which is one of the most important surgical procedures in dentistry, the gingiva is removed and the inflammation is eliminated, bacteria are removed from the mouth. The teeth are restored by adding bone meal to compensate for the destroyed bone tissue.



How Is Flap Operation Applied?

Before the flap operation is applied, various controls and additional treatments are performed to ensure the success of the treatment in patients with deep pockets in the mouth. Flap operation is an application with high comfort conditions and the patient does not feel any pain due to local anesthesia. 

During the flap operation, the gingival tissue is removed, the pockets are eliminated, bone irregularities are eliminated, and if necessary, the losses in the bone are removed. These losses are compensated by biomaterials such as bone meals and membranes. With the complete cleaning of the infected tissues and the elimination of tooth loss, the gingiva is closed again and the treatment is completed. Improvement is observed within the first 2 weeks with regular check-ups after the treatment.

The fees of the flap operation, which allows the formation of healthy teeth and gingiva, are determined according to the size of the disease that has occurred in the gingiva and bone. In cases where bone meal will be used, bone meal prices will also affect the treatment fee.

Considerations During Flap Operation Healing Process

The healing process after the flap operation and what the patient should pay attention to are also wondered. Post-operative healing will take a week or two. No problem will be encountered when the instructions given by the dentist are followed.

It is necessary to use the medications recommended by the dentist in complaints such as pain and oedema after the flap operation. Since the gingiva will be sensitive for 10 days after the operation, hard, hot, cold, spicy and acidic foods should not be consumed. Also, alcohol should not be consumed for the first 10 days and exhausting physical activities should be avoided.

It will be better to contact your dentist for detailed information about the flap operation healing process and the fees of the flap operation.


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