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Dil Seçimi

Dental Aesthetics (Gingivoplasty)

Get Healthier Teeth With Pink Dental Aesthetics!

Gingival aesthetics or pink aesthetics is the treatment application that brings the gingival level to the required standard. Since it is usually caused by aesthetic problems, dental aesthetics, which are called this, are made to combine the gingiva, which appear much when talking, with the lip line. The situations in which the gingiva appear too much during the smile, which are called gummy smile, are eliminated with pink aesthetics.

In cases where there are undesirable pigmentations (dark red discolouration, stains) in the anterior gingiva other than the more visible gingiva, if the gingival levels are not at the same level in the anterior teeth, pink aesthetics for aesthetic appearance and anxiety are applied in gingival recessions.


How Is Gingival Aesthetics Treatment Applied?

Gingival aesthetics is applied so that the teeth are in a certain form with the gingiva. In some cases, not only the gingiva, but the alignment of the teeth may be problematic. In this case, first, the gingiva is corrected, and then the alignment of the teeth is completed. Gingival aesthetics or pink aesthetics, also known as gingivoplasty, are planned according to the gingival structure of the patient after the specialist dentist examination. The methods used are as follows:

  • Regenerative: Regenerative, which is one of the dental aesthetic methods, is the creation of new support structures by using bone grafts after removing the damaged tissues in the teeth.
  • Gingivectomy: Gingivectomy, which is among the methods of gingival aesthetic, is used to remove the excess gingiva in the areas where gingival growth and deep pockets are formed. The contours of the gingiva are corrected and the gingiva is given an aesthetic appearance.
  • Gingivoplasty: Ingivoplasty, which we know as pink aesthetics, is applied to correct the excessive visible gingiva or asymmetric gingival levels.
  • Crown lengthening: It is the removal of excess gingiva tissue in order to eliminate the tissue loss occurring in the teeth.

Since pink aesthetic is among the minor surgery applications, it is applied under local anesthesia. Therefore, no pain or ache is felt during the treatment.

Advantages Of Gingival Aesthetics Treatment

Pink aesthetics, which is a gingival surgery, is an advantageous application for gingival diseases as well as eliminating social and professional concerns. Among the important advantages of dental aesthetics is that the tooth structures reach the required alignment, that the teeth are arranged according to the other teeth, prevents dental inflammation, eliminates smile problems and aesthetic appearance concerns, and restores the health of the tissues that support the teeth.

Thanks to pink tooth aesthetics, bleeding in the gingiva and wounds in the mouth are also eliminated. The teeth of the patient gain an aesthetic appearance. You can get more detailed answers by asking your doctor about dental aesthetics prices and how it is applied. 


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