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Advantages Of Porcelain Dental Filling

What Are the Benefits of Inley Onley Dental Filling Treatments?

Porcelain dental filling is a filling method used in people with high loss of substance in their teeth. The aim is to preserve healthy dental tissue. Porcelain dental fillings prepared in the same colour as the patient's own teeth are too natural to be distinguished by the eye. The patients use these healthy and aesthetically filled teeth for many years as if there is no filling in their tooth. Porcelain dental filling advantages are not limited to these.

In which situations is porcelain dental filling applied?

Porcelain dental filling application, which is the closest dental fillings to natural teeth; It is used in caries, broken and corroded teeth, to correct the appearance of coloured teeth, to close the gaps between teeth, to change the shape and colour of the teeth, to give the teeth their function and to make smile design and treatments that are aesthetic concerns.

Aesthetic concerns of the patient are prioritized while porcelain dental filling is applied. Thus, tooth forms that are more compatible with the general tooth structure are prepared.

How is Porcelain Dental Filling Applied?

Porcelain dental filling treatment is preferred in cases where tooth loss is high. In the first session, a cavity is prepared according to the patient's tooth, its measurements are taken and sent to the laboratory. Then, dental fillings from porcelain material are prepared in accordance with the tooth structure and dimensions of the stand where the dental filling will be applied. With CAD / CAM application, the missing parts of the tooth are designed and made ready in a single session. The compatibility of the adhered dental fillings is observed. With the last corrections, the patients can use their teeth without any problems.

Advantages of porcelain dental filling treatment

Porcelain dental fillings give the person a natural tooth appearance by removing the tooth fractures and gaps between teeth. Porcelain dental filling, also known as inley onley dental filling, has the following advantages:

  • Since porcelain dental fillings are applied quickly, they save time.
  • It has more gingival compatibility.
  • The margin of error is minimal when using digital cameras in porcelain dental filling.
  • Porcelain dental fillings last longer than composite dental fillings.
  • Resistance is higher in porcelain dental filling applications.
  • It is less affected by coloured foods and drinks.
  • Their biocompatibility is higher than amalgam dental fillings.
  • Porcelain dental fillings can be polished mechanically or by re-firing technique.

Among the advantages of porcelain dental filling, while its aesthetics and visuality attract more attention, it also provides comfort to the patients. Creating the feeling that there is no filling in the mouth provides comfortable use in porcelain dental filling.

How Long is the Lifetime of Porcelain Dental Filling?

Among the advantages of porcelain dental filling is its longevity. Porcelains, which are a durable material, can be used easily for many years. The care given to the teeth and the regular care that the person will make after the treatment will also prolong the use of the dental filling.

The period of use of the porcelain dental filling will also vary according to the quality of the material your dentist uses and your general oral health.

Is porcelain dental filling an expensive application?

Porcelain dental filling prices; It will vary according to the price of the porcelain material, the number of teeth to be applied, the duration and number of sessions, and the extra treatment you need. Your dentist will provide detailed information about porcelain dental filling prices.


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