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Dil Seçimi

Laser Dental Filling Treatment

Advantages Of Laser Dental Filling

Laser dental filling treatment has increased the durability and quality of fillings applied thanks to the laser technology developed in recent years. For the dentist, it is possible to work without damaging the teeth and gingiva thanks to the laser.

It is possible to say that laser equipment is now used in a standard way in implants, caries removal, dental filling and root canal treatment applications. It is among the reasons for preference to apply the treatment in a short time compared to conventional dental filling applications and to achieve very high treatment success.


How Is Laser Dental Filling Treatment Applied?

Laser beam is used in various stages of surgical operations as well as for fixing and adhering the dental filling to the tooth. White light dental fillings known as laser dental filling are also called composite in medical language. For laser dental filling treatment applied with halogen or LED light devices adjusted to a specific wavelength, the filling material is first prepared by taking the patient's tooth size. Then, the dental filling material is fixed with laser in the area where dental caries and diseases are removed.

Dental treatment with laser may be preferred in pregnant women and individuals with serious systemic diseases such as heart disease. The method and duration of the laser treatment are determined by the dentist. Dental filling with laser makes the teeth more permanent and stronger.

Advantages of Laser Filling Treatment

Dental filling with laser provides advantages for both the doctor and the patient. Apart from making fast the treatment process, there is almost no bleeding compared to classical techniques. It can be easily applied to both anterior and posterior teeth. In addition to being easily polished, it is more advantageous for those who are afraid of dental needles and other dental equipment.

Because wound healing is faster than conventional methods, laser dental filling treatment eliminates the patient's fears of the healing process. Children with fear of doctors will start new treatment and it is also successfully applied to adults who have had bad experiences in the past. Since the patients returns to their daily life quickly after dental filling with laser, it can be easily applied in all age groups. You can contact your dentist for detailed information.


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