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Dil Seçimi

Dil Seçimi

Digital Anesthesia

Painless Applications in Dental Treatments

Digital anesthesia is the method in which the anesthetic solution is applied by adjusting the tissue pressure of the person. Digital anesthesia application, which is important in terms of terminating the anesthesia method with the injector, enables patients with fear of doctors to overcome their fears. Digital anesthesia, which is a special gel numbing technique, can be applied to patients of all ages.

In which situations is digital anesthesia treatment applied?

Digital anesthesia application; Used in cases where normal anesthesia can be applied, in simple and surgical implant operations, tooth extraction and root canal treatments, jaw cyst surgeries, jaw joint treatments and gingival diseases.

In addition, the digital anesthesia device can be applied in dental prosthesis and all orthodontics treatments. It provides ease of operation and time saving.


How is Digital Anesthesia Applied?

Digital anesthesia, which is painless and completed in a short time compared to anesthesia applications using injection, is performed with a special gel. The anesthetic solution is applied by the digital anesthesia device to the numb gingiva after the gel used. The digital anesthesia device used provides a slow and painless application of anesthesia with the help of a special very fine-tipped and disposable sterile needle.

The pressure during digital anesthesia and the amount of anaesthetic substance sent are determined according to the person's pain threshold and tissue sensitivity. It is ensured that the anesthesia procedure is completed below the pressure level that creates the feeling of pain.

Advantages of digital anesthesia treatment

Treatments using digital anesthesia method are advantageous for both the patient and the doctor. Advantages of digital anesthesia:

  • Digital anesthesia is applied individually.
  • The digital anesthesia device shortens the treatment time.
  • As the pressure decreases, the pain sensation will decrease in the right proportion.
  • The patient can overcome the doctor and needle fear.

Digital anesthesia, which is one of the standards for dental treatments that require anesthesia, can be used in all kinds of orthodontics treatments, from implants to jaw cysts. It also changes the patient's perspective on treatment.

Does Digital Anesthesia Harm The Body?

Before the application of digital anesthesia, the most important issue that patients are most curious about is whether digital anesthesia is harmful or not. Digital anesthesia applied according to the tissue sensitivity and pain threshold of the person has no harm.

Although there is no difference when compared to standard anesthesia, digital anesthesia, which facilitates the dentist's work as a technological innovation, is unlikely to cause side effects on the person.

Can digital anesthesia be applied to every patient?

As an anesthesia method in dental treatment, digital anesthesia can be used easily in every person. Digital anesthesia can also be applied very easily to every patient who can be applied normal anesthesia. You can contact your dentist to get detailed information about how digital anesthesia is applied and its effect on treatment.


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