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Dil Seçimi

Dil Seçimi

Single Tooth Whitening

Advantageous Applications in Single Tooth Whitening!

The colouration of the teeth may occur as a result of the use of coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine and mouthwash for a long time, root canal treatment or trauma. This situation can sometimes occur in all teeth, but sometimes in one tooth. Single tooth whitening has also emerged for this purpose and is applied to patients with individual colouration on their teeth.

 Whitening for a single tooth is generally applied to the teeth that are coloured while root canal treatment is applied. After the removal of the dental fillings in the teeth, the sessions are repeated until the desired colour is reached in the teeth that are tightly closed with temporary dental filling in the single tooth whitening process by applying whitening gel to the cavity opened.


How to Apply Single Tooth Whitening? The Advantage of Laser Teeth Whitening!

Laser teeth whitening is a method preferred by patients with individual colouration in recent years. However, contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as whitening teeth with a laser light source alone. It is possible to provide whiteness thanks to the laser that activates the teeth whitening chemicals. It is activated with the wavelength of the light in the ultraviolet (UV) light source, the wavelength of an LED source light, and the light of the appropriate wavelength from the laser light source.

When laser teeth whitening is performed, first the coloured root canal treated teeth or old dental fillings of the teeth are opened and the whitening substance is placed in the teeth and a temporary dental filling is covered. After the application, the patient is given an appointment again 3-5 days later and the teeth whitening situation is observed. If the teeth whitening after the first application is not considered sufficient, the whitening substance in the tooth is removed and a new one is applied and these procedures are repeated until sufficient whiteness is obtained. When the single tooth whitening process is completed, the treatment is completed by applying a permanent dental filling.

Is Tooth Whitening Effect Permanent?

The most common question asked by patients when applying a single tooth whitening treatment is whether the application will be permanent or not. The whiteness obtained after tooth whitening with laser may disappear over time. This depends on the patient's consumption of coloured liquids such as tea, coffee and wine and smoking. If it is supported by 1 or 2 sessions every 4-6 months, tooth whitening becomes permanent.

The whitening of the teeth will vary depending on the person's oral and dental health. Average whitening duration is 2-3 weeks. The more severe the yellowness in the teeth, the longer the number of sessions. It is more difficult to whiten the grayed colours caused by the use of antibiotics. Since the whitening effect and duration will vary according to each patients, it will be healthier for the patients to get information from their doctor.


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