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Oral Shower Treatment

Oral Shower in Teeth Whitening Applications

Oral shower treatment or mouth shower application is a dentistry method that is applied with a device with air and water spray feature, which allows cleaning of areas where toothbrushes and dental floss cannot reach. It is especially used for patients who have difficulty cleaning their teeth due to their dental structures. Oral shower, which can be used in home and office environment, is applied after teeth whitening or tartar cleaning.

The use of oral shower, which allows easy tooth cleaning in patients with prostheses over the implant, fixed crowns and bridges, also prevents complaints such as bad breath and gingival bleeding. Oral showers, which also provide hydro massage, provide a noticeable relief in the mouth, while at the same time giving the advantage of having healthy teeth.


How To Apply An Oral Shower?

After answering your question what is oral shower, let's talk about how to use oral shower. Warm water is added to the water reservoir while applying oral shower. Douche may also be used, which does not harm tooth structure and ivory. Oral shower cleans between teeth and mouth by spraying water and air simultaneously with pressure.

The use of oral shower, which is also effective in dental treatments, should not be done without the advice of a dentist. Detailed dental cleaning provides comfort to the person thanks to the oral shower, which has a 360 degree rotation feature.

Meet the Advantages of Oral Shower!

Oral shower, which can be applied at all ages, is easily used by both the doctor and the patient. Oral shower applied in cases where oral cleaning with a toothbrush is not sufficient, prevents dental plaques and gingivitis. At the same time, it eliminates all bacteria in the mouth and prevents problems such as bad breath.

Meet with the oral shower, which also minimizes gingival bleeding and eliminates it over time thanks to correct oral cleaning. Do not neglect your oral hygiene due to crowded or unhealthy teeth, prevent possible dental problems. Get detailed information from your dentist…


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