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Tartar Cleaning

How Is Tartar Cleaning Applied?

Dental stone cleaning or tartar cleaning, as it is popularly known, is a must for a healthy mouth. If the tartar is not cleaned, it is not possible to protect the person's oral health. Along with caries and bleeding gingiva, serious tooth loss may also occur.

When dentists clean tartar, they decide whether to perform advanced cleaning as in standard dental cleaning or gingival diseases. In tartar cleaning, tartar is usually cleaned with ultrasonic and periodontal instruments without the need for anesthesia. These instruments remove deposits on the surface of the teeth and provide them with a healthy form. After the tartar is cleaned between your teeth and from your gingival line, polishing is done to polish your teeth. If necessary, teeth are cleaned with dental floss during tartar cleaning.


Advantages Of Tartar Cleaning

Tartar cleaning is an application that everyone who wants to have healthy teeth should have this application. Also, if it is done regularly, gingival diseases are prevented. The advantages of tartar cleaning are generally:

  • Dental caries are prevented.
  • Dental diseases are prevented.
  • Bone inflammation is prevented.
  • Your teeth get the health they should be.
  • Gingival recession and swelling are prevented.
  • Tooth losses are prevented.
  • Wounds in the mouth are prevented.
  • Bad breath due to tartar is prevented.

Tartar, which causes serious dental problems from gingival recession to inflammation, must be cleaned regularly. At the same time, it is necessary to brush the teeth regularly and correctly to prevent tartar formation. It is also helpful to use fluoride-containing toothpaste and dental floss.

Not Having Tartar Cleaning Causes Diseases!

Of course, if the tartar is not cleaned, it will cause to some diseases. Gingival recession is one of these diseases. With the gingival recession, it is possible to open the gaps between the teeth and to see dental caries in the future. These caries damage the roots of the teeth and cause the teeth to be lost.

For tartar cleaning, it is necessary to use the necessary equipment under the control of a specialist dentist. Otherwise, greater damage to the teeth is inevitable. Your specialist dentist will answer the questions such as how to clean tartar and what should be considered. For a healthy smile, you must have the right treatment.


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