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How Is Tooth Whitening Applied?

Smile Freely With Your White Teeth!

Tooth whitening; It is the process of removing the coloured, organic and inorganic substances formed on the tooth surfaces with tooth whitening gels and equipment. Tooth whitening, which removes the psychological effects of discolouration on the teeth on the person, is one of the cosmetic applications of dentistry for those who want to have a healthy appearance and self-confidence in their social and professional lives.

You will say goodbye to discolouration thanks to tooth whitening.

Tooth whitening application will eliminate discolouration on tooth surfaces and allow you to smile freely. Your aesthetic concerns will be removed with tooth whitening under the control of a professional dentist.

However, do not forget that tooth whitening applications performed outside the dentist's control are ineffective and may damage tooth structures.

How Is Tooth Whitening Applied? What are the Methods?

Tooth whitening is completed in a single session and usually within 45 minutes. Some patients may need a second session. Since tooth whitening is in the field of aesthetic dentistry, the expectations of the patient should also be taken into consideration.

Tooth whitening does not only give white teeth and a beautiful smile.

With tooth whitening, tooth caries and diseases are prevented and dental fillings are renewed. While maintaining oral health, a smooth mouth structure is created. Tooth whitening protects teeth against hot and cold sensitivity, fulfills the self-confidence of the person and strengthens social relations. 3 methods used in tooth whitening:

  • Home-type tooth whitening: Home type tooth whitening method, also called Home Bleaching, is a whitening process performed by placing gels in plastic mouthpieces prepared with a simple oral measurement. Whitening is provided within an average of 1 week.
  • Office type (clinic environment) tooth whitening: The tooth whitening process applied in an hour in an office environment is one of the fastest methods that can whiten the tooth colour by 3-4 tons in a short time.
  • Single tooth whitening (internal tooth whitening): It is applied for a single tooth whose colour structure is deteriorated.

Before the tooth whitening process, the tartar, tea, coffee and cigarette stains accumulated on the tooth surface are first cleaned. Then, the colours of the teeth that do not have any stains or tartar are removed. Special equipment and materials are used for this. Tooth whitening applied in a single session in clinics can be easily applied at home.

Is Tooth Whitening Effect Permanent?

Tooth whitening is an application that loses its effect over time. If the patient does not pay attention to oral health and dental care after tooth whitening, changes in tooth colour may occur again.

Tooth whitening effect decreases between 6 and 1 years in people who consume more tea, coffee, cola and cigarettes. It may be necessary to have tooth whitening procedure again.

Take care of your teeth, have regular tartar cleaning!

After whitening your teeth, with proper care and cleaning, you can maintain your oral health and the white appearance of your teeth for a long time. Unless your teeth change colour again, you do not need to whiten them. 


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