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How Is Polishing Applied?

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Staining and colour changes on teeth are problems that have both social and psychological effects. Staining occurs on the tooth surface due to the use of coloured foods, excessive consumption of cigarettes, tea and coffee. Polishing is one of the most common methods used by dentists for staining.

When we say how to apply polishing, first of all, whether the patients use any medication, their age and the treatments they have had should be considered. If external colouration continues to occur despite regular tooth brushing, tartar cleaning and subsequent polishing (tooth polishing) should be applied. Tooth whitening applications should be preferred instead of polishing in internal colouration.


How Is Polishing Applied?

It is very easy to clean the stains on the teeth and give a white appearance in dental polishing. Also, in dentistry, polishing takes its place after every treatment. If the teeth are not sufficiently white and with polishing, this situation enlightens the dentists as it indicates more serious problems in the teeth.

The polishing process is very simple and based on a paste applied on the tooth. Beforehand, it is necessary to cleanse and clean the teeth from tartar. Afterwards, the toothpaste is applied to the teeth with the help of a special tire and cleaned after a while. Thus, the stains on the teeth are removed.

Polishing paste or pumice used by dentists to correct the scratched tooth surfaces after tartar cleaning; It removes many stains such as tea, coffee, tobacco stains. The teeth are restored to their natural color. This colour can be preserved for up to 2 years, depending on the care taken by the person in oral and dental care.

Is There Any Harm In Polishing Application?

As a side effect of the polishing application for teeth, some individuals may experience sensitivity that lasts 24-48 hours. However, this will be reduced by the dentist's use of desensitizing gels and pastes. Therefore, polishing does not cause permanent damage to the teeth or damage to the ivory.

For those who think about how to apply polishing at home, it is worth noting that this application should be applied under specialist control. With the polishing applied after tartar cleaning, the person should stay away from foods and drinks that will colour the teeth for 1-2 weeks. Otherwise, colouration may start again. You can consult your dentist for information about how is polishing applied and what to pay attention after application.


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