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Advantages of Gingival Care

The Most Effective Way to Prevent Gingival Diseases!

The gingiva is one of the weak areas of your mouth. Since your teeth and gingiva are attacked by many bacteria during the day, inflammation formation is quite normal. If gingivitis is not treated, the gingiva can be damaged and you may lose your teeth. If you do not want to encounter such situations, you should have your gingival care regularly.

When you have gingival care, you will prevent dental caries, get rid of your tartar, you will not encounter situations that will disturb you in social life such as bad breath and yellowed teeth. In addition, you will not be in a situation like losing your teeth due to your tooth roots weakening due to caries. As long as you care for your gingiva, you will smile freely.


How Do I Know If I Have Gingival Disease?

As well as the advantages of gingival care, annoying problems will be encountered when gingival care is not taken. Gingival disease is one of them. When considerations to do for gingival care are neglected, bleeding and inflammation of the gingiva are seen. Therefore, it is necessary to notice the symptoms beforehand and get support from the dentist.

If you have complaints such as red, swollen or sensitive gingiva, bleeding gingiva while brushing or using dental floss, teeth appearing longer due to gingival recession, swollen gingiva, changes in dental alignment when you close your mouth, inflammation between your teeth and gingiva, persistent bad breath or bad taste in your mouth, you should definitely have gingival care and treatment.

How to Care for Gingiva?

For those who say how to care for gingiva, there are several methods they can apply at home. It is easy to care for teeth and gingiva thanks to proper brushing and flossing, and a proper mouthwash. As long as the tooth surface and the formation of plaque between them are prevented, a healthy mouth structure will be created.

Gingival care, which cannot be applied at home, is professionally applied by dentists. In the application, the tartar above and below the gingival line is destroyed and the teeth are completely purified from microorganisms. Regular gingival care prevents gingival diseases. It is necessary to take care of the gingiva for a healthy smile.


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