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How to Take a Hand Wrist Radiography?

Bone Age Measurement in Children    

Every child's development is different. Various methods are used to solve the oral and dental problems of your children especially in adolescence. The hand wrist x-ray is used to determine the bone age of the child in jawbone problems and orthodontics treatments, thus increasing the success rate of the implant to be applied. With well-planned treatments, your children's oral and dental problems are permanently resolved.

The mouth and teeth of children require more care than adults, and when necessary care is taken, a healthy growth and development is ensured. For this reason, dental and jaw development of children should be followed with regular checks.


Hand Wrist Radiography Taking Procedure

Determination of bone age is one of the frequently used methods in dental treatment. It is generally used in orthodontics treatment planning to understand whether the bone development of children is normal or not. In orthodontics treatment, it is determined whether the patient is in puberty or not from the hand-wrist film.

When we say how to take a hands wrist radiography, first of all, protective equipment should be given to the patient before taking. Then, in order for the taking to be comfortable for the patient and the technician, the patient should be seated on a chair. The forearm and hand should be level on the table or cassette. The top of the hand should be pointing up. Centralization should be done right in the middle of the wrist and perpendicular to the film while taking the hand wrist film. The patient should not move during the radiography. Taking can be done with 50 KV and 5 MaS for an average adult.

Apart from orthodontics evaluation, bone age evaluation is used for implant treatment in adults due to traumatic tooth deficiencies. In addition, hand wrist film provides an advantage in the examination of dental trauma cases.

Advantages of Knowing Bone Age

Thanks to the wrist radiography, the growth potential of the child is evaluated by considering the skeletal development rather than their own chronological age. Knowing the bone age of the child helps to understand whether the development of teeth and jawbones is normal, as well as to predict how tall they will be when they grow up.

Bone age determination methods, which can also be used in adolescence, also enable the physical development of newborn children. Your dentist will give reliable and more detailed information to your questions about how to take a hand wrist radiography and how to evaluate a hand wrist radiography in dental treatments.


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