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How to Take Panoramic Film?

Ease of Planning and Application in Dental Treatments

The panoramic film technique used in the detection of intra-oral problems is one of the leading methods for planning treatment for different branches of dentistry. Panoramic film method detects many problems from bone problems to gingivity, invisible formations such as cysts, caries and tumors.

Panoramic film or x-ray is a technique of radiological observation of the area to be examined using X-rays. Bone and soft tissue details can be seen easily with a panoramic dental x-ray. Panoramic dental film helps to plan the treatment more quickly and completely.

How Does a Panoramic Dental X-ray Device Work?

Panoramic dental x-ray is an imaging element that gives a single image of the entire mouth. This image includes the upper and lower jaws, joints, entire teeth, and even the nasal and sinus cavities. In short, Panoramic X-ray enables the mouth and the entire jaw structure to be analyzed in one time.

When we say how to take a panoramic film, while in traditional radiological solutions, X-rays pass through the teeth and are reflected on the film inside the mouth, in panoramic technology, X-rays pass through the whole mouth and reach the film or digital sensor on the outside. During this 5-10 second process, the panoramic x-ray device rotates 180 degrees around the person's head. It is important for the patient not to move and stay in the position prescribed by the dentist.

After the panoramic film is taken, information such as the position of permanent teeth under the milk teeth, the condition of the wisdom teeth, the health of the tooth roots, interface caries, bone characteristics of the toothless areas where implants are to be applied are obtained. Panoramic x-ray is an advantageous application that does not cause any damage and does not cause any pain. Radiation in x-rays is less than other methods.

Why Panoramic X-Rays? Panoramic Dental Film Advantages

After answering your question of how to take a panoramic film, we should emphasize why it is used. Panoramic x-ray reveals all discomfort in teeth and jaw with a single film. At the same time, panoramic x-ray provides a detailed and wide view of the area to be treated.

Panoramic dental film, which provides early diagnosis and treatment, saves both time and treatment costs. Panoramic x-ray has the advantage of leading the dentist in caries, cystic and tumoral formations in the jaws. It will be better to contact your dentist for detailed information about the fee and application of panoramic dental film.


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