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How to Take a Cephalometric Film?

Imaging Technology Facilitating Orthodontics Treatment!

Cephalometric films are generally used in orthodontics treatments and maxillofacial surgery. You will continue to receive the best healthcare services during the planning phase, during and after your treatment is finished, with films taken in the real size of the head.

Head bones and soft tissues can be viewed in the same film in front, back and side positions with the cephalometric x-ray device, which is special graphs taken in size equal to the actual size of the head, where the size of the skull and facial bones are evaluated relative to each other. Cephalometric film provides advantages to the doctor and the patient in the preparation of the treatment plan before the treatment, and the evaluation of the treatment effects during and after the treatment.


How Is Cephalometric X-ray Done?

If we answer your question of how to take a cephalometric film, first of all, the image sensor is positioned parallel to the patient's midsagittal plane in the cephalometric X-ray. The source of the X-ray beam is located directly opposite the image sensor, and the skull bones and soft tissues are displayed on the same film in the front, back and side positions.

Cephalometric x-ray images are mostly taken from patients who require orthodontics treatment or orthognathic surgery. The head and face view on the radiogram should be very close to the real dimensions. For this, the beam source is placed away from the patient. When these conditions are met, very realistic images are obtained.

Cephalometric images taken in horizontal and vertical directions are also used to examine sinus and zygomatic bone. It enables the analysis of tooth structures together with their roots.

Cephalometric Dental Film Advantages

In the preparation of the treatment plan; Cephalometric jaw radiographs provide an advantage to the patient and the dentist in order to evaluate during treatment or after the treatment. It is especially advantageous in terms of better planning of orthodontics treatments.

It also shows the relationship between the upper and lower teeth and jaws, and provides an idea of the relationship between the jawbones and soft tissues. It also gives an idea about impacted teeth, caries and tumor formations.

The cephalometric dental film is frequently used as one of the most developed methods in dental treatments. You can get more detailed and reliable information by asking your dentist questions such as how to take a cephalometric film, is it harmful.


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