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How to Take a Bite-Wing Film?

Bite-Wing Radiography

The bite-wing film method is used in the detection of caries at the interface between the bones surrounding the tooth and the molar teeth that are not visible in the mouth and gives very good results. Problems in every detail of your teeth are diagnosed and necessary precautions can be taken.

The bite-wing film, also known as biting radiography, which is one of the new generation diagnostic methods, is used to analyze the relationship between the molar crowns and the height of the alveolar bone and the cementoenamel junction. At the same time, it is an ideal diagnostic method for the detection of recurrent caries under the molars or cavities at the interface of impacted teeth and restorations.


Where is Bite-Wing Imaging Used?

Bite-wing radiography or bite film is used in the detection of caries, before and during treatment, in the detection of bone damage in cases of advanced gingival disease, in planning before implant surgery and in the follow-up of treatment and lastly in joint disorders.

Bite-wing radiography, which is the easiest method of taking dental film; It is a guide in determining the position of the impacted tooth before surgical procedures, determining the relationship between the jaws and the treatment method in orthodontics treatment, following the tooth development and growth of children, and suspicion of tooth and jaw fracture. It both facilitates the treatment and allows measuring success after treatment.

Bite-Wing Film Taking Process

If we come to your question of how to take bite-wing film, which is among the types of oral x-rays; First, the patient is asked to remove the metals on it. Then the patients must put their chin on the relevant place in the x-ray device and bite the stick-shaped apparatus that they need to bite. The bite-wing film machine rotating around the patient's head takes the image. It then sends it to the doctor's computer. By looking at this image, the dentist closely examines orthodontic and root problems in teeth.

Bite-wing radiography, which is used to detect caries between teeth and adjacent teeth, is indispensable in orthodontics treatment. How to take a bite-wing film and what is a bite radiography required for, your dentist will give more detailed answers to your problems.

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