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Dil Seçimi

Dil Seçimi

Total Dental Prosthesis

Which Patients Are Suitable For Total Dental Prosthesis?

Total dental prosthesis are removable prosthesis that are applied to the lower and upper jaw with support from the tissue in cases where all teeth are lost due to caries, trauma, osteoporosis. The total dental prosthesis, which allows the face to have a younger appearance by providing lip and cheek fullness with prosthesis, can compel the person during use as they are removable prosthesis.

Total dental prosthesis alignment, which has lower prosthetic comfort and chewing efficiency, may cause sores in the mouth when first attached, but after a while it functions as if it were the person's own teeth. Total dental prosthesis are prepared in an average of 5 sessions. An average of 2 weeks is sufficient for these 5 sessions.

In Which Situations and How Is Total Dental Prosthesis Used?

Total dental prosthesis; It can be used if the person has no teeth in the mouth, does not have an allergy to foreign substances to be taken into the mouth, the jawbone conforms to the standard dimensions of the prosthesis as a result of jaw radiology, and there is no excessive thinning or deformation in the jawbone. Other prosthesis alternatives are evaluated for patients who do not comply with these standards.

While applying total dental prosthesis, the patient's jaw-face X-ray is taken. After the X-ray, the type of prosthesis to be applied is determined and the patient's mouth is measured. The coloUr tone of the tooth and the size of the prosthesis are determined according to the size taken and patient expectations. The measured data is sent to the dental prosthesis laboratory. Dental prosthesis are prepared and sent to the dentist for rehearsal. Then, if necessary, arrangements are defined in the total dental prosthesis tried on the patient. After the last arrangement, total dental prosthesis alignment is completed.

Food and Care with Total Dental Prosthesis

Complete dental prosthesis or total dental prosthesis are used more easily depending on the amount of bone in the jaw. When the full prosthesis is first used, difficulties may be experienced until the cheek and lip muscles get used to it, and then the functions of biting, cutting and grinding can be used easily. If the amount of bone is not sufficient, the prosthesis can move while eating. In this case, special adhesives can be used.

Cleaning of total dental prosthesis is done under running water with the help of soap and brush. Toothpaste is not used for cleaning. Complete dental prosthesis cleaning can be done with normal toothbrushes as well as special denture brushes. Total dental prosthesis should never be cleaned with boiling water. The prosthesis should be removed from the mouth at night and kept in a special container.

What is a total dental prosthesis and how it is applied, how does total prosthesis prices vary, if you want to get a reliable answer to your questions, you can make an appointment with your dentist...


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