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Dil Seçimi

Dental Prosthesis Over Tooth

Types and Usage of Dental Prosthesis Over Tooth

Dental prosthesis over tooth is appliances that are used to restore the old appearance of teeth lost for any reason, and to gain chewing and speaking functions. Prosthetic dentistry treatment, which eliminates aesthetic concerns and improves the quality of life of patients, provides the patient to experience a natural tooth feeling. In addition to removing missing teeth problem, it also eliminates psychological problems caused by edentation.

Among the types of dental prostheses, dental prosthesis over the tooth are the treatment performed in the form of interlocking crowns called telescope crowns or precision retainers by shortening their lengths instead of losing the teeth when there are excessively curved, crooked and elongated teeth that will create incompatibility with the part to be prosthetic. The tooth root remaining in the mouth prevents osteolysis and ensures the preservation of the intra oral perception feature.


What Are The Features Of Dental Prosthesis Over Implants?

Dental prosthesis over implant are fixed or removable dental prosthesis placed on the implant. Instead of removable dental prosthesis, which is difficult to use, dental prosthesis over the implant that is easy to maintain and use are preferred. The dental prosthesis over the implant is designed according to the oral structure of the patient and is generally prepared in a way that cannot be removed.

Implant prosthesis procedures, which are dental prosthesis over tooth, can be easily applied to people who have no teeth, those who have sufficient bone structure, and teeth that are physically and chemically corroded over time. Due to the possibility of multiple restorations, the desired appearance is provided in all teeth.

How Can I Keep My Dental Prosthesis Clean?

General cleaning and hygiene rules are the same for dental prosthesis over tooth. While using dental prosthesis over tooth, it is necessary to brush the teeth after meals. Since removable dental prosthesis is removed, more comfortable oral hygiene is provided, while the maintenance of fixed dental prosthesis can be more difficult. However, what you should not forget is that you should regularly brush your dental prosthesis after meals and before going to bed.

Water and various toothpastes or dental prosthesis care products are used in the brushing process. Special dental prosthesis brushes or regular toothbrushes can also be used. For dental prosthesis, it may be necessary to keep the dental prosthesis in special dental prosthesis fluids from time to time. If there are stains and tartar in the dental prosthesis, you can get support from your dentist. The most effective way to keep dental prosthesis over tooth clean is to keep them in chemical fluids several times a week along with daily brushing.

You can contact your dentist to get information about dental prosthesis over tooth and other dental prosthesis and to learn how to care...


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