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How To Use Removable Dental Prosthesis?

What Should Be Considered When Wearing Prosthesis?

Removable dental prosthesis are appliances that are used in the treatment of one or more tooth deficiencies, which the person can easily remove and wear whenever they want. The removable prosthesis used in both complete edentation and partial edentation are also the treatment applied in patients who do not have a bridging connection, in other words fixed porcelain, in patients without back teeth.

The question of how to use a removable prosthesis is one of the questions that people who have not used a prosthesis before are curious about the answer. It is a matter of curiosity how to attach a removable dental prosthesis and what should be considered. First of all, it is necessary to have information about the types of removable dental prosthesis. It will be healthy to use removable dental prosthesis, which are in 2 types, full or partial, as shown by your doctor.


How Should We Care And Clean The Dental Prosthesis?

Those who do not have the experience of using removable dental prosthesis and who will use dental prosthesis for the first time should be most careful about removing the prosthesis while lying down, putting them in water and having regular maintenance. It will be enough for a healthy use to place the removable dental prosthesis made according to the gingiva moulds to the palate and push them back.

For those who say how to use a removable dental prosthesis, let's also tell them to pay attention to dental and oral cleaning. It will be healthy to consume soft foods when using removable dental prosthesis that will sound unfamiliar to the mouth at first. With proper use, it will be easier to use dental prosthesis after a certain time.

It is correct to clean the dental prosthesis outside of the mouth during the use of removable dental prosthesis. In addition to cleaning tablets that are thrown into the water, the best dental prosthesis cleaning is done by using a brush. It is absolutely wrong to clean removable dental prosthesis by boiling or using bleacher.

What Is the Ideal Lifetime of Dental Prosthesis? Can It Be Used Lifelong?

For the use of a removable dental prosthesis, experts disapprove of wearing prosthesis all day long. Especially for completely edentulous patients, the fact that the palate is completely closed will make it difficult to breathe, which is negative for oral health.

Removable dental prosthesis can be used for about 5 years. Over time, it needs to be changed due to corrosions, changes in existing teeth, and the effects of food. Although attention is paid to oral hygiene in the use of a removable dental prosthesis, it is beneficial to go to the dentist for annual check-ups in order to prevent damage to the oral tissues.


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