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Dil Seçimi

Split Surgery

Making Space for Your New Teeth With Advanced Methods!

Split surgery, also known as jaw surgery, is a surgical method that helps to correct the shape, structure and relationship disorders of the lower and upper jaw. Split surgery is performed especially for the treatment of stenosis in the upper jaw. At the same time, split surgery is used as a transverse enlargement method if the jawbone is insufficient for implant application.

Upper jaw stenosis is an oral and dental health problem that needs to be treated in childhood, and is caused by long-term baby bottle use and finger sucking habits in the developmental period. It is also seen due to birth and genetic reasons. Jaw stenosis, which is also the source of orthodontic problems, must be treated because it causes crowded teeth and aesthetic concerns.


How Is Split Surgery Performed?

In cases where the jawbone is insufficient for implant application, split surgery, which is the transverse enlargement of the jawbone, can be applied at any age. In addition, enlargement surgery can be performed to ensure the ideal jaw structure before orthodontics treatments.

The enlargement of the jawbone is applied in cases where the jaw is in front or behind or even slides to the side during closing and chewing. Both the jaw is placed in the correct position and the enlargement of the jaw is completed for orthodontics treatments.

When jawbone enlargement treatment is applied at a young age, it provides a healthy progress of dental development. After the age of 6, it is possible to give the desired shapes to the bones without surgery with the treatments performed without completing the development of the upper jaw bone. However, when it is late, the desired width can be achieved thanks to the split surgery. Before the application, the patient is anesthetized. In the surgery performed by the maxillofacial surgeon, the ideal width and position is achieved by making transverse enlargement. After a short recovery period, the patients can return to their daily life.

The Best Age Range for Treatment is 7-8 Years!

The sooner treatment is initiated in upper jaw stenosis, the better results are obtained in order not to need split surgery. The most suitable age range for the treatment of upper jaw stenosis is 7 - 8. A successful treatment plan is applied with removable orthodontic appliances and removable plaques for jaw stenosis diagnosed at an early age. While removable appliances cannot be used in the treatment process of children aged 13-14, it is necessary to expand the jawbone in adults.

While the desired results are obtained with the specialist dentist for jaw enlargement surgery, the desired results are obtained with the jaw appliances used without split surgery. However, split surgery is absolutely necessary for implant in some patients. You can contact your dentist to get detailed information about split surgery.


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