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Dil Seçimi

Dil Seçimi

Sinus Lifting

Implant Treatment with Sinus Lifting Surgery

The air gaps in the skull, which have functions such as reducing head weight and making sounds smooth, are called sinuses. Some of the sinuses are located in areas adjacent to the teeth. The distance between the wall of sinus and crest (the highest point of the jawbone) is reduced due to the loss of the upper jaw teeth and the delay during the production of prostheses, and there is not enough bone to apply implant in this area. Therefore, sinus lifting operation is needed.

Sinus lifting, which is the procedure of surgically raising the sinus base, is used as a bone formation method to place a fixed prosthesis when it is not desired to use a prosthesis in the upper jaw. Sinus lifting is performed using biomaterials such as bone meal and membrane. Placement of implants is done after sinus lifted.

How Is Sinus Lifting Surgery Performed?

If we answer the question of how to apply sinus lifting; Sinus lifting surgery is a surgical procedure performed in a standard dentist's chair, usually with local anesthesia. It lifts the sinus area at the desired level for treatment and makes it accessible. Bone meal and graft are applied to the area created after the sinus lifting, which also enables the sinus membrane to be raised.

In the anesthetized area, the gingiva is cut and the dental set phlap is removed. Before tearing the sinus membrane through the opened bone window, it is stretched precisely and then lifted upwards.  Bone meal is placed in the cavity to prevent tearing of the very thin sinus membrane. The bone meal placed turns into bone within 6 months. Then, for a bone height greater than 4-5 mm, the procedure is completed in the same session.

Implants can be placed during the sinus lifting operation as well as with a separate operation 2-3 months after the sinus lifting procedure.

What Should Be Considered After Sinus Lifting Operation?

A tamp with serum should be bitten for 20 minutes in order to prevent bleeding after the sinus lifting operation, which is necessary for a healthy implant treatment. Care should be taken not to open the teeth. In order to protect the wound area, food should be eaten with the other part of the motuh for 24 hours. Nothing should be eaten and drunk for 2 hours after sinus lifting.

Nasal cleaning with pressure should be avoided after sinus lifting surgery and mouth should be opened when sneezing. Smoking should be avoided for at least 12-24 hours after sinus lifting. When the sinus lifting operation is completed, it is natural to have bleeding in the form of leakage within 48 hours, to feel the smell of blood or taste of blood in your mouth. The medicines recommended by your doctor should be used on time, without delay and by as it is described.

It should be removed on the 7th day following the sinus lifting operation. If you see any abnormal situation during the healing process, you should definitely contact your doctor.


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