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Augmentation Method

How Is Augmentation Applied?

The meaning of the word that entered the literature as augmentation means to reproduce as a concept. Although augmentation is used for operations such as hair and eyelash transplantation, it is one of the most used methods of jaw surgery in dentistry. Along with jaw aesthetics, augmentation in implant treatment is an advantageous application to the dentist.

After tooth extraction, one of the biggest problems encountered in the long term is the melting of the jaw bones. Thanks to the augmentation applied to treat tooth loss due to melting or collapses in the jawbone for any reason, the presence of bone required for the implant is created. Augmentation is completed using bone meal or with block bone transplantation.


Augmentation Types and Application

It is possible to compensate for the decrease in bone volume due to lost teeth or gingivitis at an early age with augmentation method. Apart from the bones taken from the patients' own bodies, bone reinforcement is also made with inorganic materials or synthetic materials. In the augmentation application mostly performed in the lower jaw area, other treatments are performed after the bone volume is sufficient.

  • Hard tissue grafts: Two different answers can be given to the question of how to apply augmentation. In the augmentation process, which is divided as bone and soft tissue reinforcement, in cases where bone loss is advanced, the reinforcement process called hard tissue graft is applied. Bone is obtained from the patient or from other living sources. Bone meal and blocks can be obtained artificially from some synthetic minerals and applied to patients.
  • Soft tissue grafts: Apart from bone augmentation, gingival recessions and problems in tooth roots are eliminated with soft tissue grafts. In this process, which is covered with a piece of soft tissue taken from a different area of the mouth, the necessary infrastructure for the patient's dental treatment is created.

With panoramic x-rays, the amount of bone required for the treatment of the person is measured and section by section or block bone transplantation is applied. When the required amount of bone is provided, implants, etc. applications are carried out.

Augmentation Advantage in Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery!

Augmentation method increases the success of implant application. Augmentation, which ensures that the jaw bone in the area is sufficient, dense, hard and solid, provides success in many cases where implants could not be applied in the past. If the bone thickness in the planned bone area of the implant is not considered sufficient, it provides an advantage to the doctor and the patient with tissue and bone reinforcement.

Bone grafts taken from the patient's own bones (autogenetic) or synthetically produced bone grafts can be used in the augmentation process, which can be used in block or granule form from the jaw bones, femur (iliac bone) or tibia bone. Thus, oral health is created for the desired treatment. If you have questions such as how to apply augmentation and what are the prices, you can get detailed information from your doctor.


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