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Dil Seçimi

Dil Seçimi

Dental Health Test

Dental Health Test

Do you think that do you brush your teeth correctly? Is the toothbrush that you use suitable for you? The answer to these questions is in our online dental health test! By solving the test, you can find out how healthy your teeth are. You can also protect your dental health by contacting your doctor without losing time. Come on, take our test!

Diş Sağlığı

1. Dişlerinizi ne kadar sürede fırçalıyorsunuz?

2. Dişlerinizi fırçalama tarzınız aşağıdakilerden hangisidir?

3. Diş fırçanızı ne kadar zamanda bir değiştiriyorsunuz?

4. Dişlerinizi hangi tür diş fırçası ile temizliyorsunuz?

5. Ne kadar zamanda bir diş hekimine kontrole gidiyorsunuz?

6. Ne sıklıkla diş ipi kullanıyorsunuz?

7. Diş taşı temizliğinizi ne sıklıkta yaptırıyorsunuz?

Most Preferred Treatment Applications

Check out the treatments recommended by our patients, including advantageous dental braces for orthodontic problems, implant technology that provides solutions for tooth loss, digital smile design and complete oral care. Discover the correct treatment for you!

Online Testing Makes Diagnosis Easier!

Find out whether your dental health is good or the mistakes you know right, make the diagnosis easier by solving the dental health test.

While you can learn how well you brush your teeth, whether your oral care is sufficient or not, thanks to a dental health test, you can contact your dentist quickly and solve your problem. Take a good step that will change your life by solving the online dental health test.

Get accurate information about your dental health thanks to our expert dentists in the field, get to know your teeth closely together with other care tests!

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Permanent Treatments

Protect your oral and dental health with safe and practical treatments, you will obtain your unique smile.

By sharing the data obtained from the online dental health test with your dentist, you can find out the most appropriate treatment for you. You should not forget that early diagnosis is important in dental diseases as it is in every disease, and you should have the treatment.

You can make your smile independent by using new generation imaging and treatment applications to protect your dental health.

Meet Your Dentist

Your Smile Will Be Your Signature

You will get a quick treatment with a dental health test, you will enjoy smiling by having pearly teeth.

When you don't care about your teeth properly, you lose your smile. Thanks to our expert dentists and our fully equipped clinic, you can have your treatments safely. Make your diagnosis easier with a dental health test, help your doctor ...

To obtain your dental health, first find out about your problem with the online dental health test and contact your doctor in a short time.

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