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How Long Does a Zirconium Veneer Last?

How Long Can You Use Your Zirconium Veneers?

Another of the aesthetic dentistry applications is zirconium veneers. Zirconium veneer, which is made with natural tooth appearance and light transmittance materials, can be used on both anterior and posterior teeth. Zirconium veneers with high tensile strength are preferred because they are the alloy with the highest quality in terms of aesthetics, tissue compatibility, durability and naturalness.

Alternative treatment zirconium veneers for people with metal allergies are both aesthetic and healthy. Zirconium teeth, which have been used for many years without any problems, provide a functional tooth structure and create an image without artificiality.


Lifetime Of Zirconium Teeth

How long zirconium veneer teeth will be used depends on the person. It is not possible to break zirconium teeth without any reason. At the same time, the veneers do not decay and can be used without any problems for many years if proper care is taken.

Zirconium dental veneers may encounter problems such as crown deterioration or tooth crown melting when the proper care is not taken. Successful zirconium application depends on the patient's attention to oral and dental care. Material

  • Position (anterior tooth, posterior tooth)
  • Number
  • of teeth damaged when prepared for a crown
  • Biting force level
  • are factors that affect the lifetime of zirconium veneer.

One of the other factors affecting the lifetime of zirconium dental veneers is related to the dental laboratory. The techniques and skills that dental technicians use determine both the aesthetics and lifetime of your veneer. The quality of the blocks used for zirconium means that they will be used longer. Thus, you will get in value return for your money.

For those who think that the zirconium veneers are durable, we can say that they are made of strong material and are resistant to all kinds of food and drink. Zirconium veneer lifetime is the type to meet the expectations of the user.

Take Zirconium Veneers Care Well!

In order for zirconium veneered teeth to be used for many years, methods such as dental floss and mouthwash in areas where there are no teeth will be required. Especially not postponing the doctor's checks every 6 months and paying attention to general oral health will prolong the lifetime of the veneered teeth.

 You can contact your doctor for information about the durability and usage features of zirconium veneers. You can also have information about zirconium dental veneer prices and techniques to be used. You can take advantage of zirconium dental veneer applications that will look like your natural teeth.


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