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Dil Seçimi

Dil Seçimi

Dental Mock Up

What Is Mock-Up? How Is It Applied?

In previous years, it was not known exactly what the teeth would look like before prosthetic restorations were made. Therefore, it was difficult to meet the expectations. Recently, thanks to the mock-up technique, patients have the advantage of learning exactly how their teeth will look. The teeth prepared before the treatment can be seen one-to-one with the mock-up method, and it is possible for the patients to experience it by wearing the rehearsal teeth.

The mock-up application used in smile design creates an opinion about the treatment result in the first stage of the treatment. Thanks to the mock-up, which allows the person to see the smile as a preliminary design, the desired results are obtained in terms of both cost and satisfaction.

Mock-up Preparation and Application

If we come to the question of how to do a mock-up, we can say that it should be done during the rehearsals when applying lamina or porcelain teeth. Laboratory procedures are completed after the patient's teeth are measured while preparing the mock-up tooth. After this, the teeth from the laboratory are placed on the patient's teeth, and their fit and aesthetic problems are examined. It is sent back to the lab for modification.

The teeth that come from the laboratory as modified are first rehearsed once more and become the patient's favourite. Patients who are curious about their new teeth and their images can see the finished teeth in the mouth before starting the treatment, thanks to the mock-up application.

Mock-up teeth, prepared from a hard plastic material, are applied temporarily on the patient's teeth. Attention is paid to things such as the distance between the corners of the lips of the patient, the width of vibrissa and lip thickness. Patients can practice speaking with mock-up, take their own photos, and use their teeth for a few hours if they wish.

How Does The Process Progress After The Smile Design Is Approved?

After mock-up is done for smile design, rehearsal teeth are replaced by permanent teeth. New teeth are prepared using materials that can imitate ivory well and are compatible with the patient's own tooth colour. At this stage; preples laminas, porcelain lamina veneers or zirconium teeth are used. Among these alternatives, the most suitable one is preferred.

Mock-up tooth prices are determined according to the scope of the treatment, the number of teeth to be designed, the materials to be used and whether the patient needs other dental treatments. To get better information, you can make an appointment with your dentist and meet mock-up technology.


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