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Is Teeth Whitening Permanent?

How is Permanent Teeth Whitening Done?

Our teeth lose their whiteness over time as a result of eating, smoking and consuming drinks containing colourants, careless mouth and dental care. To compensate for this situation, teeth whitening applications are performed within the scope of aesthetic dentistry. Teeth whitening is preferred because it restores the teeth to their old appearance, does not have disadvantages such as corrosion or weakening and it is reliable.

The biggest question in the mind of those who prefer teeth whitening application is whether teeth whitening is permanent or not. Teeth whitening, which is a painless procedure, of course, will be permanent when applied under the control of a specialist and with quality materials. However, we will give more detailed information…


Will Teeth Turn Back To Their Former Structure After Teeth Whitening Application?

It should be emphasized that the level of yellowing and dental health are important for those who are concerned about whether teeth whitening is permanent or not. Permanent teeth whitening is applied to lighten the colour of the teeth that have changed colour and yellowed for various reasons.

In addition to genetic dental problems, the permanence of teeth whitening applied for tooth darkening that occurs in the event of not paying attention to the use of drugs, fluoride in water, elderliness, dental veneers, dental fillings, coffee and cigarette use, and tooth cleaning will vary depending on the oral and dental care taken by the person.

When permanent teeth whitening is desired, laser treatment should be preferred. It can be said that the application is permanent since it is not possible for the teeth to return to their former structure in 75% of the patients after teeth whitening treatment. However, in patients included in the 25% section, whiteness is achieved by applying every 6 months. If you want permanent teeth whitening, you should definitely get support from specialist doctors in clinics where the latest technology applications are performed.

What Should Be Considered During Teeth Whitening?

To ensure permanent teeth whitening, you should pay attention to smoking and alcohol consumption; You should not consume beverages such as tea, coffee, cola etc. that will cause discolouration in teeth. When applying teeth whitening at home, the use of medication should be under the supervision of a doctor. Foods should be consumed carefully in order to avoid cold and hot sensitivity.

Patient and doctor harmony is very important for permanent teeth whitening and a natural smile. Whether it is laser teeth whitening or home teeth whitening, the patient should act on the doctor's recommendations. If you want permanent whiteness in your teeth, you should definitely follow the recommendations and do your dental and oral care as it should. For detailed information, you should get support from your dentist.


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