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How Is Lamina Porcelain Dental Veneer Applied?

Smile Happier with Porcelain Dental Veneers!

Depending on age and oral care, teeth lose their colour and durability. In addition, teeth may be corroded and break over time. In these cases, lamina dental veneer, which is one of the aesthetic dentistry applications, can be applied. Apart from tooth loss, people who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their teeth can achieve an ideal tooth appearance with laminated dental veneers.

For those who are curious about how is lamina dental veneer done, it can be said that lamina dental veneer applied without any corrosion on the teeth, is a very easy application. Porcelain laminates, which are close to tooth appearance, are very durable and they do not break easily.even though they have a fine structure. Slight crowding and deformities are also removed with lamina coating in a short time.


How Is Lamina Porcelain Dental Veneer Applied? Treatment Stages

Lamina dental veneer is used for the closure of the splits in the anterior teeth, the restoration of broken or corroded teeth, increasing the length of the teeth, excessively dark coloured teeth where the teeth whitening method is not sufficient, caries in the front teeth, teeth with bad structural form and shape, yellowed and old dental fillings, crowded and curved teeth and linking split teeth (diastema closure).

When porcelain dental veneer is applied, first intra-oral measurements are taken. After this, a test called mock-up is performed in the laboratory with the obtained model. After making the necessary arrangements on the obtained model, the teeth are prepared for the procedure. The processing time for teeth prepared using lamina porcelain may vary depending on the person. Laminated porcelain teeth are bonded with a special application. The patients can start using their new teeth on the same day.

Lamina porcelain dental veneer is not applied to people with gritting teeth while sleeping at night, people with jaw disorders, people with nail-biting, pencil biting and people with severe gingival recession etc. without treating them before the veneer application.

Advantages of Lamina Porcelain Dental Veneer Treatment

Lamina porcelain dental veneers, which give the natural form of the teeth, can be applied without corroding your teeth. Lamina dental veneer teeth which have a good aesthetic appearance can be applied to single teeth or multiple. Lamina porcelain veneer, which is not distinguished from your real teeth, does not show colour on the teeth, a smooth structure and resistance are encountered.

Porcelain dental veneer prices vary according to the number of porcelain teeth to be made, the deformation and caries formation of the teeth, the state of oral health and other treatments to be applied. Laminate porcelain applied in a few sessions refreshes your self-confidence and appearance.


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